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Crealet AG

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CREALET is a company based in Eschenbach SG, Switzerland. It emerged from the global needs of the Textile Industry in the field of textile surface formation. The core business of CREALET basically includes, designing and manufacturing of electronically controlled warp thread feed systems for wide and narrow weaving machines, trading with supplementary products, designing and manufacturing of special machines for a wide variety of industries.


• Conversion to electronic warp feed and fabric take-up
• Warp beam in high position for full and half warp beams
• Warp beam frames behind the weaving machine
• Warp feed between creel and weaving machine
• Selvedge thread let-off
• Rewinding device for surplus warp ends
• Unrolling creels and overhead take-off creels
• Direct and sectional warpers
• Warpers for selvedge spools
• Inspection machines

Flagship product

Warp Motion Control: PC-based control technology for warp feed systems to operate several warp beams. Direct measurement of the warp tension enables to display the set and actual thread tension on the monitor.

Crealet AG
Alte Schmerikonerstrasse 3
CH-8733 Eschenbach

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