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About Japan’s Technical Intern Training Program

About TITP Program

Background and Journey so far:

TITP, commenced in 1993 in Japan, aims to contribute to developing countries by accepting people from these countries and transferring skills through On-the-Job-Training (‘OJT’). The purpose of TITP is to promote international cooperation through the transfer of skills, techniques, and knowledge developed by Technical Intern Trainees in Japan to developing regions, and contributing to the human resource development that will be the driving force behind the economic development of the said developing regions.

With a view to promoting partnership in skill development, and to strengthen mutual interest through cooperation between the two countries – India and Japan, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Government of India and the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Government of Japan, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) on TITP in October, 2017.

Eligible and competent Indian youth, who are willing to upgrade their technical skill set through TITP in Japan, would be enrolled and imparted training in India in Japanese language, culture and relevant domain training by Sending Organizations.

NSDC has been appointed as the Implementing and Monitoring Agency for TITP by the MSDE. In this regard, NSDC had empanelled a diverse pool of 23 Sending Organizations including ASSOCHAM in the first phase of empanelment, which includes training partners of NSDC, leading institutes of higher learning, Japanese language training institutes and Indian industrial chambers and associations. These Sending Organizations are entrusted with the task of mobilizing, training and sending skilled Indian youth to Japan.

Many youth from India have already embarked upon their training in Japan successfully in the domains of electronic equipment/ devices assembling work and agriculture.

Key Features of TITP:

  1. Duration of Technical Intern Training – Trained candidates will be sent to Japan for undergoing Technical Intern Training for a period of 3 to 5 years.
  2. Job Categories – 80 Job Categories and 144 Operations are eligible under TITP. For further information on the Job Categories and Operations, Applicant is advised to refer to the website of Organization for Technical Intern Training (OTIT): http://www.otit.go.jp/
  3. Pre-Departure Training in India – Candidates interested in undergoing Technical Intern Training in Japan are required to be trained in Japanese language, Japanese lifestyle orientation and culture, along with relevant domain training by the Sending Organization before their departure to Japan.
  4. Return to home country mandatory – After completion of the Technical Intern Training in Japan, the Technical Intern Trainee is expected to return to his/ her home country and utilize the skills that were acquired in Japan.

Benefits to youth:

TITP intends to empower Indian youth by providing them with skill development and career advancement opportunities. It will help them contribute to the economic development of India with specialised technical skills gained from training in Japanese industries.

Apart from the prospect of receiving an attractive salary and protection through provision of social security during the training in Japan, the interns get an unmatched exposure to work in the Japanese industries and learn from their innovative approaches.


Basic requirements:

  • Japanese Language Proficiency  –
  1. Interested Candidates will have to undergo Japanese language and cultural training equivalent to N4 (Elementary Level).
  2. Total 420 Hrs. of classroom training will be provided over 6 months of time.
  • Eligibility –
  1. Age: 18-30 years
  2. Qualification: 10+2 Pass, Certification in Sewing/Stitching or any other Certification.
  3. Well-groomed, disciplined, soft spoken & well behaved.
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