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Placement Opportunity in Japan as SEWING/STITCHING under Technical Intern Training Program

Following is the ASSOCHAM Circular On Placement Opportunity in Japan

This is to inform you that the Indian and Japanese Government had signed an MoU in
Novemeber, 2017 for sending Indian workers to JAPAN on a 3-5 year visa for Technical
Intern Training Program (TITP) – JAPAN.

ASSOCHAM is a duly Empaneled Sending Organization by National Skill Development
Corporation (NSDC), Ministry of Skills and Entrepreneurship – Government of INDIA
for counseling, training and sending aspirants form Indian to JAPAN under Technical
Intern Training Program (TITP).

TITP – JAPAN is a 3-5 years on the job training in Japan to learn advanced skills for
basic jobs which Japan has mastered over the years. Trainees will earn at least
minimum wages of Japan during the entire training period in Japan. The aim of the
program is to transfer skills which Japan has to other countries by training candidates
from overseas countries.

About 80 Job categories are open currently to pursue TITP in JAPAN. There are
immediate requirements for Sewing / Stitching jobs and interviews can happen within
this month post your confirmation.

  1. Successful candidates will be earning about JPY 900/hour or JPY 1,58,400/month
    equivalent to INR 1,02,960/ month during the training period which is enhancable on performance basis during these  3 to 5 years in Japan. Even higher starting salaries are also possible depending upon the profile and performance of candidates during the interaction with Japanese employers.
  2. Post 3-5 year of trainings candidates can be considered for further extension and
    can get a work permit for further stay depending upon their interest and performance during training period.
  3. Apart from salary, accommodation and additional compensation for extra working hours @ 125% of basic rate may be provided.
  4. To pursue this program candidate should have basic qualification of 10+2 Pass
    along with necessary recognized certification of SEWING / STITCHING.
  5. Interested candidates will be required to undergo requisite JAPANESE Language
    Course for 3 to 4 months and acquire  JLPT N5 level language proficiency.
  6. Candidates undergoing Japanese language training will get provisional
    appointment letter with detailed employment terms and conditions from Japanese employer *post 3 months of Japanese language training.
  7. Provisional offer letter will include detailed information and terms and condition
    of their employment including salary, working hours, location, leaves etc. Post
    Japanese language certification for passing N5, candidates visa will be processed.
  8. Interested Candidates will have to bear expenses towards training and
    placement assistance of Rs.2,10,000 +GST if applicable with break up as stipulated

Registration – 15000/- + GST if applicable (refundable in case of no placement)

Language Training – 25,000/- GST if applicable (to be paid in 2-4 installments)
On passing N4 Level and start of Visa Process – 50,000 GST if applicable
On receipt of Visa related documents from JAPANESE Employer (Eligibility
Letter)- 70,000/- GST if applicable
On Visa & Air Ticket – 50,000/- GST if applicable

Above expenses are inclusive of one way Air Ticket, Visa Cost and their monitoring
and assistance in JAPAN during the entire training period of 3- 5 years.
Any government fees/ NSDC charges if levied will be directly borne by the candidates.
GST extra if applicable

It’s a golden opportunity for INDIAN job seekers to learn skills from
JAPANESE as well as earn a attractive monetary compensation. These people who
return after completion of training will be a great asset for our country for
benchmarking latest skills in INDIA enabling brighter job opportunities for them in
INDIA and abroad.

In case candidate is not inclined or considered for further continuation in JAPAN,
ASSOCHAM will render placement assistance to the candidates.

All the relevant information for JAPAN-TITP is available here.
Interested companies may contact the following for further details:

Shitiz Mittal
Associate Consultant (TITP) – ASSOCHAM
Ph : +91-8800744644
Email : [email protected]

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