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DTV and EFIT: Image campaign for textile care industry starts

“We are the professionals when it comes to hygiene and sustainability” – this is the message that the image campaign “MyTextilService” by DTV and EFIT is supposed to convey. The new website www.mytextilservice.de gives visitors an insight into the daily work of textile care and is intended to improve the public’s perception of the industry.

The new website www.mytextilservice.de is intended to raise public awareness of the role of textile care as a hygiene service provider . The appearance is part of an image campaign by the German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV) and the European Research Association for Innovative Textile Care (EFIT). In addition to the hygiene aspect, the website underlines other strengths of the industry, such as sustainability and environmental awareness. In hardly any other business area is the idea of reusable, resource conservation and the longevity of goods so much in the foreground, emphasizes the DTV.

Textile care companies: experts and contact point

The textile service stands for hygienically clean work clothes, flat linen of all
kinds, shirts, evening wear and suits – even before the pandemic. What is nothing new for textile care workers only came more and more into the focus of public awareness with Corona. The campaign therefore emphasizes both the importance of the service for textile hygiene in clinics, in companies or in private life, as well as the fact that textile care companies can – and should be – the first point of contact for customers and consumers .

Image campaign runs across all channels

According to DTV, the campaign launched in summer 2020 includes cross-industry sectors and companies, including suppliers. It now starts with the German-language website. A French, Flemish and English language version will follow soon. The association also runs the image campaign on other channels, such as social
media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

This is how companies take part in the campaign

According to DTV, templates are available for companies who want to take part in the campaign. Companies can share and post articles on their own channels. There is also print material. A current poster can already be ordered from the DTV office. In addition, the industry associations are planning to publish a radio spot and a video clip – companies should be able to use both individually.

Companies can also participate in the further expansion of the campaign in the future; according to the associations, this also applies to non-members. In addition to sponsors, DTV is looking for authors for blog posts on the website, for example. Ideally, according to DTV, the website will regularly provide up-to-date information on the extent to which the industry is and remains a hygiene and sustainability professional – and how it is getting better and bette

In a press release, the association also announced: “DTV is happy that
it has succeeded in launching this campaign, which also shows that you can achieve good together – even if you have your customer base in very different business areas . Especially nice is that we are now doing this with our European partners . “In addition, DTV would like to thank everyone who is involved as a sponsor or blog author and, in particular, DTV President Friedrich Eberhard, who initiated the campaign and actively supported the implementation.

According to DTV, the PR agency Word and Idea contributed creatively to the concept and text, and the Internet agency Die Virtuelle Couch Developed an excellent website in a hurry.

(Courtesy: rw-textilservice)

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