Profile of AGM Jactex AG, Switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse 21
CH-8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall
Phone +41 52 675 55 11
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: https://www.agm-jactex.com/

AGM Jactex AG is specialised in the production and distribution of Accessories for the Jacquard weaving industry as well as for the weaving industry in general. Our company is continuously investing considerable financial resources in the development and in the ultra modern production facilities. The goal is the best possible productivity. We also have a department for the independent construction of our special machinery and finishing equipment.

Our product range comprises all kinds of Harness Cords and Knife Cords, Comber Boards and Guiding Boards made of Vulcan Fibres or Dellrin as well as endless Jacquard Papers, Harness Springs with Healds and Harness Pulley Cords.

We manufacture all kinds of braided cords and ropes in our braiding, twisting and bobbin winding department.

Our customers and staff are very central to us. Being able to keep the workforce in difficult economical times is our concern and pride. We can only achieve this thanks to a high degree of flexibility and customer oriented solutions and Services.


  • Harness cords for all types of Jacquard fabrics
  • Cords for all types of pulleys
  • Plastic covered pulley cords
  • Vulcan fiber sheets
  • Comber boards and Guiding boards
  • Conical shrinking sleeves
  • All kinds of Jacquard- and Harness accessories

Harness cords and cords for pulleysFlagship product

Harness cords and cords for pulleys


Our high-tenacity harness cords and cords for pulleys in many colours are finished with special high-tech chemicals – varying according to the final application.


AGM Jactex AG purchased all commercial activities and products of the “textile” division from AG Müller on April 1, 1997. The complete staff, machinery and know-how was also been taken over.

We export world wide to more than 80 countries and have our customers on 5 continents. Our product range comprises accessories for the weaving- and embroidery industries with a main emphasis on Jacquard weaving.

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