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List of Registered India Handloom Brand Holders in India


List of entities registered with government’s India Handloom brand initiative

India Handloom brand has been launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on the occasion of the first National Handloom Day on August 7, 2015. The Handloom Mark Scheme was launched by the Government of India on June 28, 2006 to provide assurance to the consumers about authenticity of handloom products. However, it did not cover the aspect of product quality assurance. Therefore, the India Handloom brand initiative was launched for branding of high quality handloom products with zero defects and zero effect on the environment. It differentiates high quality handloom products and helps in earning trust of customers by endorsing their quality in terms of raw materials, processing, embellishments, weaving design and other quality parameters and by ensuring social and environmental compliances in their production.The registration for India Handloom is granted to certain specified eligible entities in respect of identified product categories which meet prescribed quality parameters.

Products Identified for Branding

  • Based on Geographical Indication registration and their unique characteristics, the following products have been identified for branding under the India Handloom Brand.
  • Specified standard quality parameters for all products are available at www.handlooms.nic.in.
  • A permissible tolerance of +/- 5% on quality parameters like count of yarns, ends/picks per inch and size is allowed.
Sari: Cotton Jamdani, Tangail, Shantipuri, Dhaniakhali, Bichitrapuri, Bomkai, Kotpad, Pachampalli, Venkatgiri, Uppada, Siddipet, Narayanpet, Mangalgiri, Chetinad, Balarampuram, Kasargod, Kuthampally, Chendamangalam Dhoti.
Sari: Silk Baluchari, Muga Silk, Sualkuchi Silk, Khandua, Berhampuri, Bomkai Silk, Benaras Brocade, Tanchoi, Benarasi Butidar, Jangla, Benarasi Cutwork, Pochampalli, Dharmavarm, Kanchipuram, Arni Silk, Molkalmuru, Paithani, Patan Patola, Champa Silk, Ashawali Silk, Salem Silk (Dhoti), Uppada Jamdani.
Sari: Cotton silk Chanderi, Maheswari, Kota Doria, Ikai, Gadwal, Covai Kora Cotton.
Dress material: Cotton Odisha Ikats, Pochampalli Ikats.
Dress material: Silk Tanchoi, Benarasi Cutwork, Odisha Ikats, Pochampalli Ikats, Tasar Fabric, Muga Fabric, Mekhela/Chadar.
Bed sheet Odisha Ikats, Pochampalli Ikats.
Scarf/Shawl/Chadar Kani Shawl (Handspun/Millspun), Kinnori Shawl, Kullu Shawl, Tangaliya Shawl, Kutch Shawl, Wangkhei Phee.

Benefits of India Handloom Brand

The India Handloom brand initiative is intended to bring the following benefits to various stakeholders of the handloom sector:

  • Handloom products with the premium India Handloom brand would be differentiated from other products in terms of quality.
  • Through the brand, the customer will be assured that the product quality is high because of proper texture, use of good quality yarns and dyeing with safe dyes which are free from banned amines.
  • Bulk buyers and exporters will be able to source quality branded fabrics as per their designs.
  • Weavers will be able to get bulk orders and higher wages by interacting directly with the market.
  • Weaver entrepreneurs and other manufacturers will take up production and marketing of quality handloom fabrics in bulk within and outside the country.
  • Ministry of Textiles will actively promote the brand through media campaigns to raise awareness among manufacturers as well as consumers and create demand for products with the India Handloom brand.

Contact details:

  • Nearest Weavers’ Service Centre
  • Development Commissioner (Handlooms) Room No. 55 Ministry of Textiles Government of India Udyog Bhawan New Delhi -110011
  • Ph: 011-23062945, 23063684
  • Fax: 011 -23062429 Email: [email protected]
  • Regional office of the Textiles Committee
  • Secretary Textiles Committee Ministry of Textiles Government of India P Balu Road, Prabhadevi Mumbai – 400025
  • Ph: 022-66527507, 66527506
  • Fax: 022-66527509
  • Email: [email protected] | [email protected]

Following is the list of entities registered with government’s India Handloom brand initiative. Products with brand India Handloom will have a label with “India Handloom” logo and registration number.

List of Registered Handloom Brand Holders in India

wdt_ID Name Of Registered User Address Products Registered
1 A.C. EASWARAN COMPANY 8/215, Pavadi street, M.Anumanpalli, Erode, Tamilnadu-638101 Phone - 9965062160 Email - [email protected] Runner (2/10s and/or 2/20s and/or 2/30s and/or 2/40s cotton X Different Natural fibre) - Home Furnishing
2 A.N.G. EXPORTS, PLOT NO. 103, SEC-29 PART-II, HUDA, PANIPAT-132103 PANIPAT, PANIPAT, HARYANA-132103 Phone - 919215933471 Email - [email protected] Bath Mat - Home Furnishing , Cut Shuttle Durry (1s-3s (resultant count) cotton X 0.5s-5s (resultant count) cotton) - Home Furnishing , Rugs(2/2s-2/10s cotton X 05.-5s cotton and/or 0.5-4 Nm wool and/or 15-25lb Jute) - Home Furnishing
3 AALIYAN HANDLOOM BUNKAR VIKAS SAMITY CHANDERI, ASHOKNAGAR, MADHYA PRADESH-473446 Phone - 9993048312 Email - [email protected] Chanderi - Cotton- Silk Saree
4 AARHI SHILPA PANBAZAR, KAMRUP, ASSAM-781001 Phone - 9435548493 Email - [email protected] Mekhela (Reeled Muga X Reeled Muga) - Silk Dress Material
5 AARISH HANDLOOM BUNKAR VIKAS SAMITY CHANDERI, ASHOKNAGAR, MADHYA PRADESH-473446 Phone - 9827413156 Email - [email protected] Chanderi - Cotton- Silk Saree
6 AARTI MAHILA BUNKAR VIKAS SAMITY CHANDERI, ASHOK NAGAR, MADHYA PRADESH-473446 Phone - 7898331166 Email - [email protected] Chanderi - Cotton-Silk Dress Material
7 ABBAS ALI KAITHOON, KOTA, RAJASTHAN-325001 Phone - 9414661412 Email - [email protected] Kota Doria (18/20-20/22 D Silk & 2/120-2/140s Cotton X 18/20-20/22 D Silk & 100-110s Cotton) - Cotton- Silk Saree
8 ABDUL HAKIM KAITHOON, KOTA, RAJASTHAN-325001 Phone - 8290936502 Email - [email protected] Kota Doria (18/20 D & 100-110s Cotton X 18/20 D & 100-110s Cotton) - Cotton- Silk Saree
9 ABDUL MAJID TRIPOLIA BAZAR, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN-302002 Phone - 9414041786 Email - [email protected] Kota Doria (18/20 D & 100-110s Cotton X 18/20 D & 100-110s Cotton) - Cotton- Silk Saree
10 ABDUL RAUPH KHAN CHANDERI, ASHOK NAGAR, MADHYA PRADESH-473446 Phone - 9329237854 Email - [email protected] Chanderi - Cotton-Silk Dress Material , Chanderi - Cotton-Silk Dress Material
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