Marzoli’s YarNet – End2end Software makes Production Management Smart, Easy and Immediate

YarNet is the software that optimizes the management of spinning mills

Marzoli empowering Customers towards Smart Factory Operations

Textile Industry is one of the conventional industries, which has continuously upgraded itself with the requirement of time and challenges. Not only the innovation has taken place in product development, but it has also covered development with specialized properties, environment friendly processes, machineries etc. The profitability of a spinning mill relies on the performance of machines: only if they run smoothly, continuously, efficiently and produce great volume of high-quality yarn, the spinning mill thrive.

Therefore, to maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO), Marzoli has stepped into Industry 4.0 platform YarNet-Production Management Tool towards “A whole new operations philosophy for the textile Sector”. This tool has been designed to provide end-to-end solution integrating overall production monitoring and control needs for Marzoli and 3rd party machinery into one single platform, managing multiple spinning plants and multiple units across the textile value chain.

YarNet – End2end Production

Management: YarNet is Marzoli’s highly innovative production management software. This product has been designed to make production management smart, easy and immediate:

  • it registers and stores all production data, machines operating conditions, machine statuses and technological parameters.
  • it allows to elaborate these data with useful functions and obtain valuable information in the form of tables, colours, charts, and diagrams.
  • it enables the customer to interact directly with the machine by downloading, editing, and sending production recipes.

1. Production Monitoring Management

  • Easy monitoring of the Spinning Mill clear overview of the whole plant immediate attention of Alarms and stops.
  • Through analysis for higher productivity & efficiency waits and stops analysis for effective maintenance

2. Simpler editing of production recipes

  • Simple Management of Production recipes
  • No machine downtime during the insertion of the recipe
  • No mistakes in Production recipes
  • Secure backup of the company know-how

3. Power Management

  • Always achieves the best trade-off between efficiency and productivity.

Integrated power management function

  • No additional sensors are in the machine.
  • Automatic calculation of relevant parameters

Marzoli empowering Customers towards Smart Factory Operations

YarnetIn a nutshell, Marzoli YarNet Software discloses the following advantages:

  • Increased Productivity: through the higher level of automations that reduce production time, enable better asset utilization and inventory management.
  • Increased Flexibility: Manufacturing flexibility through machines that can execute the production steps for large number of products
  • Increased Quality: the products via sensors and actuators monitor the current production in real time and quickly intervene in case of errors
  • Increased Speed: from the first product or factory idea to the finished product, through consistent data and new simulation opportunities.

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