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List Of Apparel and RMG Manufacturing Units in Indore Region

Textile Eco System

Textile Industry: Madhya Pradesh Scenario

Indore is the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state in the country. Indore is one of the richest cities in central India and also known as “Mini Mumbai” among native people of Indore, due to its lifestyle similarities with Mumbai. It has established as a big hub for readymade garments manufacturing. Madhya Pradesh contributes 4% to the total cotton production in the country, making it the fifth largest state to produce cotton. In last 5-10 years, Madhya Pradesh has become a major center for new textile investments in India. During this period majority of major textile companies have invested in the state either in greenfield projects or on expansions; major investors include Trident, Vardhman, SEL, SRF and Century Textiles.


The state is natural choice for textile related investments due to easy availability of raw materials like cotton, well established ecosystem and progressive policy framework. Currently 65 large textile mills, thousands of looms and millions of spindles are operating in the state Indore, Ujjain, Dhar, Dewas, Khargone, Khandwa, Burhanpur, Gwalior, Chhindwara, Jabalpur and Bhopal are major centers for textile industry in Madhya Pradesh.

With good availability of yarn and fabric, the readymade garment industry comes as the next natural choice for new investments. In the view of the high employment generation potential, the State government has declared special incentives.

List Of Apparel and RMG Manufacturing Units in Indore Region

NameRegistered OfficeEmails
Contact PersonMobile
Anuj Woolens Pvt.ltd.32 MIG Jawahar
Nagar, Dewas
[email protected]Shir Shivkumar Agnihotri9826432137
Anuj Woolens Pvt.ltd. (unit No.2)32 MIG Jawahar
Nagar, Dewas
[email protected]Shir Shivkumar Agnihotri9826432137
A. G. M. Textile Pvt Ltd.109 Ganeshpuri
Colony, Indore 452006
[email protected]Avinash Somani9425066822
A. R. Apparel173 Vidhya Nagar
Behind Sapna Sangeeta
452001 Indore
[email protected]Hiranand talreja9425350608
A.V. ApparelsFlat No.204, Manik View,
3-4/A, Pratap Nagar,
Aadishwar Apparels122, RGC, Indore.[email protected]Ashok Bafna9826374449
Aadishwar Apparels36, Subhash Chowk, Rajwada,
[email protected]Ashok Bafna9826082626
Aanchaliya Garments1147, Imli Bazar, Indore.[email protected]Mohit Kumar Aanchaliya9393091983
Adarsh Enterprises14/2, New Palasia, Indore[email protected]Smt.Seema Malik9827033035
Aditya Creation83 Tilak Path Indore[email protected]Kanupriya Jain9406600831
Akash Apparels55 Rnt Marg Indore[email protected]OM Prakash Singhal9893046246
Akashay Garment160, Lalaka
Bagicha Indore
[email protected]Dilip Junwal9425057137
Akshya Deep Garment84 Readymade Garment Complex[email protected]Neetu Andel8962295227
Alfa International31 Raju Colony[email protected]
[email protected]
Uday Belani9826628200
Amode Garments Pvt. Ltd.9/7 Pardeshipura Indore[email protected]Sanjay Namdev9425059186
Anika FashionGarment Hub 1st Floor
50 Manik Chowk
Subhash Chowk Indore
[email protected]Namrata Diwakar9425057424
Anjali DyersPlot No.16, RGC, Indore[email protected]Dharmendr Singh9302100604
Anu Industries604, Sakar
Residency, A.B. Rd.
[email protected]Renuka Devi Jain9009300555
Any Time Shirts50, 51 Gulmarg
Colony, Near Saket Nagar
[email protected]Kamlesh Rajani9525059001
Any Time Shirts35 Ready Made
Complex Indore
Kamlesh Rajani9425059001
Archana Arts And GarmentsA/15 Prime City Sukhliya[email protected]Archana Jain9826902999
Arpan Garment53 Vithleshrai
Market M.T Cloth Market
[email protected]Arpan Rampuriya9229153342
Arpan Garments IndustriesRanisati
Colony, Y.N. Road, Indore
[email protected]Somil Rampuria9229153342
Arti Collection242, Tilakpath, Indore[email protected]Ravi Savlani9926092354
Arush Apperals41-R.G.C. Indore[email protected]9329681600
Ashish Garments47, Shrinagar
Extn. Indore
[email protected]Ashish Jain9926181088
Ashoka Fine SpunNot Available[email protected]Rohit Doshi9826066645
B. G. D. Enterprises70 Palace
Coloy, Near Rajmahal
[email protected]Savita Dembla9893223277
B. G. D. Garments8/1 Nihalpura Indore[email protected]Maneesh9893223277
Bench MarkE-257, Shalimar
Banglow Park Sukhliya
[email protected]Dilip Bhargava9329404545
Billy Boy International1st Floor Khutal Mohite
Complex 36 Subhash Chowk
[email protected]Ashish Jain9926159059
Bothara Creation29 Readymde Garments[email protected]Niten Bothara9425054118
Bothra Creation69-29-188
Readymade Complex
Pardeshipura Indore
[email protected]Nitin Bothra9425054118
C. M. Clothing Co.Plot No.150, RGC, Indore[email protected]Nayan Maheshwari9926463610
Cheek Doll Apparels85 Goyal Nagar, Indore[email protected]Bimal Shah & Manish DhurvNot Available
Chinki Garments220, Gumasta
Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Chandrkant Mendolal9827013107
Comfort Customers Pvt. Ltd.Pha-4 Chetak Vihar 7
Dr. R.S. Bhanadari
Marg, Indore
[email protected]Poonam Vohara9425059769
Cotton Classic92-AE Scheme No 54
Vijay Nagar Indore
Sandeep VasudevNot Available
Culture Garment Industry17/5,
Pardeshipura, Indore
[email protected]Kailash Kanodiya8889736185
D. M. Sons Apparela Pvt.ltdB.G.116, Scheme
B.No.74-C Indore
[email protected]Aman Motwani9826340080
Deepak Packaging1082,
Bhagirathpura, Indore
[email protected]Madhu Jain9893247010
Delux Washing Proses73-CA Slice-5,
Scheme No.78, Indore.
[email protected]Ranjeet Sing9425400572
Devine Fashion50-51 Gumarg Colony
Saket Nagar Indore
[email protected]ivya Rajani9826959002
Dhawani Terifebs Export Pvt. Ltd.Niranjan, 99
Marine Drive, Mumbai
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. Jitendra Choudhary9302370569
Dhawani Terifebs Export Pvt. Ltd.Niranjan, 99
Marine Drive, Mumbai
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. Jitendra Choudhary9302370569
Dhawani Terifebs Export Pvt. Ltd.Niranjan, 99
Marine Drive, Mumbai
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. Jitendra Choudhary9302370569
Disha Apparels103 Ashirvad
Bhawan 215, 16, 17
Tilakpath Indore
[email protected]Rajkumar Jhawar9436024111
Disha Enterprises201, Devdarshan
Built Opp. Sanghi
Brother A.B Road
[email protected]Girdhari Lal Dewani9826073832
Disha Enterprises201 Devdarshan
Building Opp Sanghi
Bros, A.B. Roaad Indore
[email protected]Rajkumar Dewani9826073832
Disha Enterprises1003, Permium
Tower Shalimar
Township, Indore
[email protected]ajkumar Dewani9826073832
Divya Enterprises369, Saket Nagar, Indore[email protected]Paveen9826649500
Emm Kay Apparels301, Shalimar Township, A.
B.Road Indore
[email protected]Missal Kalani9301012345
Ever Bags Packaging Pvt.ltd.321, Raffaeal
Tower, 8/2, Old Palasia,
[email protected]AURABH JAIN9752542843
Fashion Art92/A-E, Sch.No.54, Indore[email protected]
[email protected]
Sonal Chudasama9302102552
Pardeshipura, Indore
[email protected]unita Goyal7805087221
Gangaur Creations214 M.T Cloth
Market Dammani Bhawan
[email protected]Preteek Siyal9425055152
Gangaur Creations214 M.T Cloth
Market Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Prateek Siyal9425052152
Garg Textile24, Agrasen
Nagar, Airport Road, Ind
[email protected]ot Available9806018000
Globetex IndiaA.G. Scheme No.54, Vijay
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Vinay Garg9425319113
Gupta Computer Embroidery Works246 Sundera Nagar
Ext Sukhaliya Indore
[email protected]Manoj Gupta9826012997
Half Ticket Appearls644, Kalani Nagar, Indore[email protected]indu7697288888
Half Ticket Appearls65, Sanjaya Nagar, Indore[email protected]Manoj Badjatiya9826340080
Half Ticket Appearls15, Juna Tukoganj,
Paliwal Bhavanindore
[email protected]Akash Motwani9826340080
Impression402 Usha Nagar
Extn , Indore
[email protected]Chhaya Shinde9425900826
India Nets25, 26, 2nd Floor,
Maker Chamber-Iii,
Nariman Point,
[email protected]
[email protected]
Nirmal Samdani9303661131
India Nets807, Embassy Centre, Narim
An Point, Mumbai
[email protected]
[email protected]
G K Singh9303661131
Indorama Textile LtdA-60 Okhala
Industrial Area Phase Ii
New Delhi
[email protected]
[email protected]
Madhup Sharma9977701428
Innovetive Clothing Pvt. Ltd.127 Jaoara Camapund[email protected]Kamla Bhandari9303243608
Innovetive Linen Pvt. Ltd.220 F.F. Dawa
Bazar, Indore
[email protected]Virendra Jain9303243608
Ishan EnterprisesPrakoshta No F-401
Elite Anmol Bicholi
Hapsi Indore
[email protected]Vikas Fulwani9826097580
J. Sons55, Triveni Colony
Extn., Indore
[email protected]Prakash Chand9425475752
J.d Trowsers [email protected]
[email protected]
Jagdish Dharmare15-R.G.C.
Jagruti Garment17, Adarsh Vijasan
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Nilesh Jeriya9301603217
Jaideep Glass Works Pvt Ltd.328-329,
Starlit Tower, 29, Y.N.R
Road, Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sandeep Jain9893104050
Jain Apparels49, Mangal Nagar,
Opp. ITI,
Pardeshipura, Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Prakash Chandra Jain9827010009
Jawahar Lal Nehru Sahkari SootmillGram Khedi
Bujurg Julwaniya Road
Jee Sab Shirts13 Imali Bazar Indore[email protected]uresh Chandra rathi9424639000
Jeetu Garment30, Mig
Teenpuliya Pardeshipura
[email protected]Sunita Radhi9229651444
Jitendra GarmentsBg 255 Scheme No
54 Vijay Nagar Indore
Jitendra MalviyaNot Available
Kadia And Co.692 M.G. Rd. Ist
Flr.Opp. Shrikrisna
Talkies Indore
[email protected]Nitin Kadia9753080102
Kalani Traders41, Slice 06, Sch.No.78,
[email protected]DIVESH KALANI9301012345
Kalani TradersBehind
Kanchan Garden, Indore
[email protected]Devesh Kalani9301012345
Kalika ApparelsA-H/47 Sukhliya Indore[email protected]Sushila Gupta9425496578
Kaljeet Enterprises83-B Kshishak
Nagar Aerodrum Road
[email protected]Vishnu Sharma9827084105
Kavya Corporation121, Bajrang
Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Anita Pankaj Vijayvargiya9826018765
Kavyam IndustriesPlot No.118, Rgc, Indore[email protected]Anita Pankaj Vijayvargiya9826018765
Ketan Creation127 Tilak Path Indore[email protected]Ajit ku. Jain9826014198
Kins And Teddybear FashionC-208 Near Ram
Mandir Shekhar
Enclave Khajarana Kanad
Iya Road Indore
[email protected]Rajesh Kakwani9826017593
Kodixodel Pvt. Ltd.204-A, Corporate
House, 169, R.N.T.Marg, In
Dore-452 001
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lalit namra8435001818
Komal Garment390, Clerk Colony, Indore[email protected]Bhanwarsingh9425066709
L. Sons88, M.T. Cloth
Market Indore
[email protected]Nandlal Rajani9826959002
L. Tarachand155/2, M.T.
Cloth Market, Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Trarachand Rajani9424759000
L.tarachand51, Gulmarg Colony, Indore[email protected]
[email protected]
Lalit Embriodery [email protected]lalit pawar9826316533
Lapanache490/7 Nehru Nagar, Indore[email protected]Sonu Monu Jain9827032052
Lavish Creation134, Ada Bazar, Indore[email protected]Sanjay Jain9302104555
Life Line Readymade Garments60, Brahm Bagh
Colony Indore (M.P.)
[email protected]Meeradevi Dave9826018570
Limbodiya IndustriesGovind
Limbodiya 1629/18, Nand
A Nagar Indore
M C L Global Steel Pvt. Ltd.315, Jwali Bhawan No.
1, 10-New Marrin
Line, Mumbai(M.H.)
[email protected]
[email protected]
S.C. Lunawat9300644423
M S Trading Co.436 Usha Nagar Indore[email protected]
[email protected]
Amit Khemani9826626333
M.J. Creation5/5 , Mahesh
Nagar, Rajmohalla, Indore
[email protected]Sachin Surana9826633640
Mahendra Dreses146, MT Cloth
Market Indore
[email protected]Mahendra Kumar9425063111
Maheshwari Creation52, Neelkanth
Colony, Indore
[email protected]Prakash9425075622
Malani Products7, 8, 10, Prabhat
Plaza, 34 Rajbada Indore.
[email protected]Sanjay Malani9424008682
Malwa Manufacturs104, Lig Behind
Anoop Nagar Indore
[email protected]Vijay Malviya9926476326
Mamta Sikarwar543 Janta Kvatar
Nannda Nagar Indore
Mamta sikarwar8319302996
Manorama Garments13/05 Pardeshipura IndoreRamanlal Ambol9926911000
Maral Overseas Ltd.P.O. Maral Sarovar
A.B. Road Tehsil
Kasrawad Distt Khargaon
[email protected]
[email protected]
R. K. Gite9926461611
Maruti Garment3/1 North
Rajmohala Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ashwin Rathore9826957356
Master Point206, Jagjivanram Nagar, In
[email protected]Jagdish Chouhan9425054838
Master Trousers Pvt Ltd43 Shiv Vilas
Palace Indore
[email protected]Prahlad Das9893466909
Megha Dresses18 Nihalpura
Polwal Palaza
Rajwada Indore
[email protected]Mukesh Panjwani9826080724
Megha Garments147a Veena Nagar Indore[email protected]Rajesh Cheersagar9302100879
Mehta CreationHitesh
Jain, Propriter Narayan
Trade Center
2nd Floor, 146 Imli
Bazar Indore
Umesh Ku. Dembla9425055715
Mithila Industries16 Gouri Nagar Indore[email protected]MITHILESH Sengar9826095248
Modi Gunny & Polypack Llp329/2 Palda Near
Mamaji Tolkanta,
[email protected]Mohit Jain9525431691
Mohini Health & Hygiene LtdPlot No. 109,
Sector-3, Industrial
Area Pithampur Dist
Dhar (M.P.)-454775
[email protected]9329898555
Mount Fashion122, Vindhyachal
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Prakashchand jain9826933003
Muskan International25, T.L/3slice 3, Sector-E
, Scheme No.78
[email protected]Sanjay Chouhan9575102169
My ChildScheme No.101,
Manik Bagh Road, Indore
[email protected]Sanjay Agrawal9826047442
N. A. Enterprises405 SS Regency
Bicholi Mardana Indore
eetu Samdhaniya9755933455
N. B. Enterprises13/2 Parsi
Mohalla Chhawani Indore
[email protected]Sanjay Jidal9826091702
N. P. Garments727/29, Meghdoot
Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Narendr Pareta9425033305
Naman Garment24-B Veena Nagar Indore[email protected]Sanjay Agarwal9425912315
Narbada Textiles Pvt LtdPlot No 27 Sector
Iii Sagore Pithampur
[email protected]S.S. Maheshwari9425317005
Navdeep Garments36, Khutal Mohite Complex
Subhash Chowk Indore
[email protected]Sunil Narayandas Agrawal9425912315
Naveen Garment147 Imli Bazar Js
Readymade Garment
Naveen JainNot Available
Navkar Apparels2 Imali Bazar 303 B. M.
Complex Indore
[email protected]Purvi Jain9993356645
Nazakat Dresses165 Readymde
Garments Complex Indore
[email protected]Hament Chugh9826504493
Nazakat Textiles42/1,
Sitlamata Bazar, Indore
[email protected]Hemant Chugh9425081787
Neha CreationG-2, Vimal Plaza, 9,
Imli Bazar, Indore
[email protected]Manmohan Mundra9425322043
Neon Garments136 Readymde
Garments, Indore.
[email protected]MURLIDHAR SHYAMSUNDER MUNDRA9981442233
Nilesh Kushwaha342
Bhageerathapura Indore
9977096449Nilesh kushwaha
Nitin Enterprises53 Ladkana Nagar Indore[email protected]Nitin Motwani9893510060
Noble Creation114, Adarsh
Bijasan Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Navin Kumar9826386876
Novo Texcom Private LimitedC-1241, B.G.K-1,
Greator Kailash, New
[email protected]Madhav Agrawal9833072707
P & H Engineering20 B Brij
Colony Vaishali Nagar
Indore 452009
[email protected]lkit Sharma9826020219
Pamposh Enterprises25/3 Krishnapur
Near Tilak Path
[email protected]A R Naiyar9826047991
Papcon (indore) Pvt LtdPasari Bhawan
84, Hukumchand
Marg, Indore (452002)
[email protected]
[email protected]
Vishnu Kumar Pasari9425067775
Param Sons189. R.G. Complex, Indore[email protected]Vinod Kumar Kakani9826097999
Parvati Enterprises3 Imli Bazar, Indore[email protected]Bakshiram Jain9926500834
Payal Creations418, Sector F, Raj Nagar, [email protected]angeeta Khatri9406653722
Pearl Creation46/4 Pardeshipura, Indore[email protected]Vijay Verma9826297910
Perfect Embroiday25 Shivvilas
Palace Rajwada Indore
[email protected]Babulal Khothari9826040823
Pooja Jeans Collection123, Venktesh
Vihar Colony, Indore
[email protected]Ganesh Sharma9827213085
Poonam Garments305 Prakash Avenue
28/4, Veeri Savarkar
Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Poonam Kalani9301012345
Prachi Garments30 Clerk Colony Indore[email protected]adhu Pandya9827242220
Prajwal Garmetns32, Agrsen Nagar, Indore[email protected]Suraj Kumar Jaiswal9425064372
Pratibha Syntex Ltd.301 Apolo Avenue 30
B Old Palasiya Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ashok jain9303278152
Pratibha Syntex Ltd.Ind. Area, Kheda, Distt. Dhar

[email protected]MR.RAKESH KATARIA9826428550
Prempurush Creation121, Bajrang
Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Pankaj Vijayvargiya9826018765
Priyanka Garments286/11
Pardeshipura Indore
[email protected]Satish Sengar9827068029
Puneet Apparels Pvt Ltd145-147
Readymade Complex Parde
Shipura Indore
[email protected]Vijay Malviya9406975303
Purosurge Healthcare Pvt.ltd.Flat
No.1607, Pt-1, Pinnacle
Dreams, Piplyakumar, Nipani
Ya Road, Indore
[email protected]ANSHUL GARG966900011
R. & D. Apparels369 Saket Nagar[email protected]Vandana Bihani9826649500
R. G. Garment Industries Pvt Ltd1/2, Jali Road, Indore[email protected]Sanjay Solanki9179038995
R. H. Fashions87 Neelkhanth
Colony Indore
[email protected]Rahul Bhandari9826306060
Rajesh Agency21, Manik Bag Rd. Indore[email protected]Pankaj Vijayvargiya9826018765
Rakesh Garments14-C, Subhash
Nagar, Indore
[email protected]Sunita Choudhary9229569633
Rakhi Garment1/4 Perdeshipura Indore[email protected]Madhu bai9425032129
Rani Sati Dreses19 Bada Sarafa,
2nd Floor Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Kalyanmal Garg9425055863
Red Dot Fashion24, Chatrapati
Nagar, Indore
urekha Jain9406610275
Ritspin Synthetics Ltd.Plot No 2,
Kigc, Pthampur,
[email protected]
[email protected]
Royal ApparelsJ-90 Lig Colony, Indore[email protected]Sanjay Paruthi9229587545
S. R. Impex92-Ae Sch. No. 54 Indore[email protected]
[email protected]
Sonika Vasudeva930102552
S. T. I. India Ltd.Rau Pithampur Link
Road Gram
Sonvay Bhaislay, Tahsil
Mhow Dstt. Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Dr. R.B. Baheti9425066837
S.k.m.fabrics Pvt.ltd.99, Niranjan,
Marine Drive, Mumbai
[email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. G.D. Bansal9425048552
S.s.enterprises67, Scheme
No.103, Maa Property
Broker Kai Uppar, Indore
[email protected]Suresh Wadhwani9826076332
Sachin Kumar Porwal66 Naliya Bhakhal Indore[email protected]Sachin Kumar Porwal9300681242
Sachin Kumar Vipin Kumar66, Nalia
Bakhal, Nishit Plaza, 4th
Floor, Behind Kanch
Mandir, Indore
[email protected]Sachin Porwal9300681242
Sahu Garments6 Jagjeevan Ram
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Ashok Sahu9301933466
Saikripa Garment302/11
Pardeshipura Kumhar Gali
[email protected]Shobha Devi9425960364
Sajan Shri Appearls6, Riddhi
Siddhi Residency, Nr.Khaj
Rana Ganesh Mandir,
[email protected]Vishal Vaish9300974457
Sangamshree Biotech Private Limited27 Ware House Road
1st Floor Maa Kela
Devi Chembers Indore
Kratik Agrawal9811146663
Sankalp Texfab Pvt LtdB-62, Mig Colony, Indore[email protected]Virendra SinghNot Available
Santosh Arts25, Gautampura Main
Road, Indore
[email protected]Mahendra Verma9406653711
Santosh GarmentsF3, Prabhat Palaza
34 Rajwada Indore
[email protected]Santosh dasot9302113003
Savera Garment10/1, Chhipa
Bakhal , Indore
[email protected]Shoukat Ali9425055247
Sawyam Collection34 Mangal
Nagar, Nx Sukhliya, Indore
[email protected]Vinod Kumar Likhar9009235953
Shakti Polytarp LimitedShop No. 4, 4/1,
Nayapura Main Road
[email protected]9826648050
Shardha Print Corporation9/7 Ramkrishna
Market Pardeshi Pura
[email protected]Gajanand Kalinkar9826036520
Shashi Garment120 Manas Bhawan Rnt Marg[email protected]Narendra Bhandari9425066440
Sheela GarmentsBg -255 Scheme No
54 Vijay Nagar Indore
[email protected]Sheela Malviya9826018943
Shiva Garments563, Janta Qtr.
Nanda Ngr, Indore
Vijay Khare9993950760
Shraddha Enterprises46/3 Subhash
Market Indore
[email protected]ay Kalinkkar9826036520
Shradha CanteenShop-27.R.G.C.[email protected]santosh nair9826161377
Shree Mahaveer Home Furnish Expo Pvt.ltd.Plot
No.6, Near R.R.Cat, Indore
. 1801-D, Sudama Nagar, I
[email protected]Krishna Murari Ishwar9200000655
Shree Sheetal Garments [email protected]Manohar Lal Daga9425067088
Shree Shubham Fashion25 Gautampura Main
Road Indore
[email protected]Anju Khatri9406653711
Shree Traders10, Cleark
Colony, Indore
[email protected]Sadhana9425318342
Shri Balaji Enterprises115-B Ramchand
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Ajay Agrwal9926840359
Shri Hari Apparels254, Gumasta Nagar Indore[email protected]Ashok Somani9425400704
Shri Ram Enterprises33/2, New Palasia, Indore[email protected]Mandia Devi Biyani9826649500
Shri Rang EnterprisesA-314 Gumasta
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Bharat Somani8989550049
Siddhi Creation858/9, Nanda Ngr. Indore[email protected]Ramesh Bhagchamdari9424501361
Siddhi Vinayak Garments268, Shaym Nagar
Sukhlia Indore
[email protected]Virendra Burman9826980164
Simran Polymers97 Indra Lok
Colony Sudama Nagar
[email protected]sha Jethani9826488838
Smart Washing Process73, Ca, Slice-5, Scheme No.
78, Indore
[email protected]Ravindra Singh9300063300
Smt. Meena TiwariKhajrana 174 Dheeraj
Nagar Indore
[email protected]Smt. Meena Tiwari8085404314
Sonali Hosiery623 M.G. Road
Khajuri Bazar Saraswati
Market Indore
[email protected]Vipin porwal9300681242
Sonali Hosiery623 M.G. Road
Khajuri Bazar Saraswati
Market Indore
[email protected]Vipin Porwal9300681242
Soni Fen217 Readymade
Complex Pardesipura
[email protected]
[email protected]
ipin Gupta9826032385
Su-pawan KnitwerE 51 Anurag Nagar
Press Complex Indore
[email protected]Ankit jain9926667000
Suman Garment3/7 Pardeshipura Indore[email protected]Suman Chokse9425313160
Sundar Garment12 Cleark Colony Indore[email protected]Akhilesh Jain9425318342
Super Fine Garment69/11 Pardeshipura[email protected]
[email protected]
Abdul Shafiq9977470007
Swara Baby Products Pvt.ltd.17, Crooked Lane, Kolkata-
700 069
[email protected]ALOK BIRLA9552551459
Swastik Embridary57, Ambikapuri,
Aerodrome Road, Indore
[email protected]ANIL JAISWAL9425313862
Swastik Garment22, Patel
Nagar, Airport Road,
[email protected]Arvind Singh9300069666
Swastik Spintex56 Shivagi Nagar, Dewas[email protected]
[email protected]
Mr. Dinesh kumar9755507320
Tanish Traders186, Clerk Colony, Indore.[email protected]
[email protected]
wapna Kosta8963925176
Tarun Shirts127/190 Suyash
Vihar Clony, Indore
[email protected]Santosh Gaikwar9425053867
Textile CommissionerA.D.M-Block[email protected]D. Ravi Kumar7045363009
The Dhar Textile Mills Pvt Ltd [email protected] [email protected]Yuvraj Bhosale9302106686
The Merchants Company201, Cabin No.2, Ef-23, Sch
Eme No.54, Vijay
Nagar, Indore.
[email protected]ASHISH SWAROOP6262449977
Tirupati Apparels250 Mig, B Scheme No.
71 Indore
[email protected]Ashok Somani9425064301
Tirupati Overseas405 Sagar Palace[email protected]Inder Jaswani9981127255
Tirupati OverseasNot Available
Trends Apparels Pvt Ltd363, Aa Scheme No. 74
-C Indore
[email protected]
[email protected]
Amit Jani9425066449
Trends Apparels Pvt Ltd48-Trends
Apparels Pvt.Ltd.Indore
[email protected]9425066449
Trends Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd44-46, RGC, Indore[email protected]Amit Utwal9425066449
V. S. Textiles215 Manas Bhavan, Indore[email protected]Rajkumar Meena Maheshwari8817733440
Varad Clothing Pvt Ltd. [email protected]Pushplata Jain9827068016
Varah Creation30 Summani Nagar Indorehobha Verma9300038620
Varah Creation30 Summani Nagar IndoreShobha Verma9300038620
Varah Creation30, Somani Nagar Indore[email protected]9300038620
Vashishth CreationA-74 Pt.
D.D. Ngr.Sukhliya, Indore
[email protected]Ashok Khatri9301401334
Vasu Clothing Pvt.ltd.30, 73-76, 128-129, R.G.C.[email protected]9425955553
Vasu Lifestyle Pvt.limited56 Ready Made
Complex Indore
Amit Tated9425063935
Vazir Apparels16, Basantpuri
Tejpuri Gadbadi, Indore
[email protected]VINIT SARAF9425346550
Venus International32-Readymade
Garment Complex
Pardesipura Indore
[email protected]Niket Agrawal9893044469
Venus International32-Readymade
Garment Complex
Pardesipura Indore
[email protected]Niket Agrawal9893044469
Vinayak Garment & ProcessingPlot No.57, RGC, Indore[email protected]Sanjay Jha9827635479
Vishal Knitting Work304 Usha Nagar
Main Annapurna Road
Vinam dabi9827838888
Vishal Rib & Belts304 Usha Nagar
Main Annapurna Road
Vinam dabi9691112222
Washing Tone92 AE Scheme No.
54 Vijay Nagar
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ramesh Chudashma9893050248
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