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FeyeCon Carbon Dioxide Technologies

DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V. was founded in March 2008. DyeCoo Textile Systems is the world’s first supplier of industrial CO2 dyeing equipment and is a leading innovator in CO2 dyeing technology and processes. DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V. is a spin-off of the Dutch Feyecon Group, an innovator in thefield of CO2- process technology. Considering conventional dyeing requires approximately 100 liter of water to dye 1 kilo of textile and roughly 60 billion kilos of textile are dyed each year throughout the world, the impact on water and energy savings potential are enormous. The technology is applicable to both synthetic and natural textiles. Any industrial textile dyeing facility interested in greener, faster and cheaper processing can benefit from this know-how. FeyeCon has created an IP venture fund aimed at bringing its proprietary technology to market.  Since the best place to make an impact with an innovative technology is directly in the marketplace, FeyeCon frequently invests it’s intellectual property and capital from R&D into spin-off companies aimed at commercially marketing developed products and processes. FeyeCon’s founder and former CEO, Dr. Geert Woerlee, continues to play a vital role in fostering and creating new businesses. FeyeCon currently manages more than 10 business investments across the globe including India.

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