Seminar at ‘Liva Studio’,Tiruppur on Thriving Indian Man Made Fibre Textiles – A Myriad of Opportunities

Shri S. Balaraju, Executive Director, SRTEPC presenting SRTEPC and its activities

Mr. D. Jayaraman had the audience spell bound with his presentation on how the pattern of textile consumption provided a huge opportunity for manufacturers to get into Man-made Fibre Textile products.

He spoke at length of the cost advantages, of the advantages in manufacturing processes, of the continuous availability of raw material and its consistency. He educated the audience of the changes in trends, consumption patterns, income levels, working woman, disposable income and changes in mindset of an increasingly consuming society that will drive the production of textiles.

He compared the advantages that synthetic had to offer visavis cotton and the imminent need for weavers, knitters and processors to get into MMFT production and exports. He offered the services of SITRA as an incubator to help textile mills get into the production of MMFT.

Shri M. Natarajan, Asst. Vice President and Zonal Head South, Grasim Industries Ltd. welcoming Shri D. Jayaraman, Asst. Director (Head Spinning), SITRA

Mr. M. Natarajan, Asst. Vice President and Zonal Head South, spoke of the opportunities in Viscose and how the Southern Region is the largest producer of Viscose in the world. He educated the audience of the partnership program (LAPF) offered by Grasim Industries, under the Liva Brand to all manufacturers of Viscose through which the knowledge dissemination, the opportunity to sample the latest fashion trends, products and innovations and the certification of Aditya Birla ensured access to mill owners to grow their companies. He offered the continuous support and help to SRTEPC to carry out its programmes in the Southern textile clusters.

Mr. M. Balasubramaniam, Deputy Director and Office –in- charge, Regional Textile Commissioner’s office, presented the myriad of opportunities available to the textile industry to get into production of technical textiles. He spoke of how technical textiles today is present in every facet of life be it at home (washing of utensils, door mats), transportation (body of the airplanes, cars including its interiors), infrastructure (construction of roads, bridges), medical textiles, industrial clothing etc. He presented the various schemes and support offered by the Govt. of India to manufacturers and exporters and urged the audience to take advantage of these schemes to grow their business.

Shri M. Duraisamy, Past Chairman, PDEXCIL and MD, Surya Cotton Mills Ltd. proposing the Vote of thanks

The session was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. M. Duraisamy, Past Chairman, PDEXCIL and MD, Surya Cotton Mills Ltd. He expressed his thanks for organizing the seminar. He said that it was certainly interesting to meet and discuss with industry players and know from the experts the prospects of the sector and complimented Mr. S. Balaraju and the SRTEPC for making efforts to promote MMFT in the South. He was the first member in the South to have joined the SRTEPC family after opening of our Regional Office in Coimbatore and lauded SRTEPC as the champion of the cause of the stake holders in the textile industry.

Membership Forms and Membership Brochures were distributed and lunch was organized for all participants.

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