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List of Lithuanian Textiles, Apparel and Leather Units


An Overview of Lithuanian Textiles, Apparel and Leather Industry (NACE C13, C14, C15)

  • In 2019 the textiles, clothing and leather industries accounted for about 1.5 % of GDP. At the beginning of 2021 this industry has employed around 24 thousand workers or 2.5 % of total employment.
  • 933 enterprises were active in the industry at the beginning of 2021 and 98% of them were small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with 1-249 persons employed.
Indicator 2017 2018 2019 220 221
Number of enterprises 922 935 955 947 933
Number of employees 28,505 28,006 27,632 25,848 23,900

Source: Statistics Lithuania.

  • In 2019 production of the textiles, clothing and leather industries amounted to 0.9 billion EUR, which was 1.5% less than in 2018.
Indicator 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Exports of goods of Lithuanian origin (million EUR) 784.9 794.4 796.3 758.5 673.2
Production value (million EUR) 858.6 878.2 940.9 926.8

Source: Statistics Lithuania.

  • In 2020 domestically produced textiles, clothing and leather exports value declined by 11% and amounted to about 0.7 billion EUR. In 2020 exports of domestically produced goods consisted mainly of apparel (not knitted or crocheted) (21%), apparel (knitted or crocheted) (20%) and other made-up textile articles (14%). The decline in domestically produced exports in 2020 was mainly driven by the decrease of exports of apparel (not knitted or crocheted) – the exports value decreased by 51 million EUR (or 27%) to 142 million EUR. Whereas the largest increase in exports in 2020 was recorded for other made-up textile articles – the value increased by 17 million EUR (or 22%) to 94 million EUR.
  • The most important exports markets for the domestically produced textiles, clothing and leather industry in 2020 were Germany (15), the United Kingdom (11%) and Denmark (9.9%). Countries in the European Union accounted for 81% of exports by the textiles, clothing and leather industry in 2020. The exports of domestically produced textiles, clothing and leather industry in 2020 decreased most significantly to Germany (the exports value decreased by 20 million EUR or 16%), whereas the largest increase in exports was recorded for the Netherlands (the exports value increased by 7.6 million EUR or 33%).

Exports of Lithuanian produced textiles, apparel and leather by category, million EUR

Exports of Lithuanian produced textiles

Source: Statistics Lithuania.

Exports structure by markets and products in 2020

Strengths of Lithuanian textile, apparel and leather industry:

► Good quality – price ratio;
► Business experience in Western Europe and other countries (especially CIS);
► Ability to produce in small batches with short production and delivery times;
► High technological and linguistic staff competence and work culture;
► Integration into global value chains.

List of Lithuanian Textiles, Apparel and Leather Units

CompanyActivity Contact PersonLocationPhoneEmail
3p logistics, UABAir, sea and auto transport services, warehouses and logistics for textile companies Vilmantas LadygaMeistrų st. 8A, LT-02189 Vilnius+370 5 230 6651[email protected]
A Grupė, UABIt manufactures linen, half-linear fabrics and produces products for bath and saunas, home textiles. It delivers high-quality linen terry fabric from which to sew rough and soft products for bath and sauna: bathrobes, towels, sauna aprons, bath mats, slippers and other sauna accessories. Virginijus VizbarasRuklos g. 14, LT-55198 Jonava+370 349 53656[email protected]
ABtex, UABThe company provides a clothing production service for Western European brands. Buy raw materials and organize the sewing of textile products in Lithuanian sewing companies. Rima SalatkienėPramonės 7, LT-62175 Alytus+370 655 15316[email protected]
ACG NYSTROM, UAB Jurgita PacevičienėTaikos ave. 135A, LT-51130 Kaunas+370 37 452068[email protected]
Algirdo Valiuškio įmonėTrade in PU and PVC leather; production of zippers, trade in sewing accessories Algirdas ValiuškisJ. Basanavičiaus st. 87, LT-76160 Šiauliai+370 41 544304[email protected]
Altergija, UABSewing accessories - wholesale Irina ŠiškoSavanorių ave. 180-38, LT-03154 Vilnius+370 5 232 2011[email protected]
ANT Vilniaus aušra, UABLight upper women's clothing - sewing, mass production. Jurgita ČerneckienėSavanorių ave. 176, LT-03154+370 5 275 0975/272 2208[email protected]
Audėjas, UAB Darius LiutkevičiusKalvarijų st. 125, LT-08221 Vilnius+370 5 266 0100[email protected]
Ausnė, UABManufacture of mattresses, mattresses, couches, beds, mattress covers, medical mattresses, trade. Arūnas SvidriusSodo g. 20 D, Šiauliai LT-76362+370 686 38191[email protected]
Baltic Fashion, UAB Lina PivoriūnienėJurbarko 2A, LT-47183 Kaunas+370 612 47483[email protected]
Baltic Flax, UABManufacture and trade in linen textiles and linen products under its own brand LINEN TALES, production of linen textiles and linen clothing with private labels (privat label). Boris SymulevičMindaugo g. 23A, Vilnius+370 612 73210[email protected]
Baltic trims, UABWholesale and retail trade in sewing accessories Vytautas PaskačimasGraičiūno str. 10, LT-02241 Vilnius+370 5 203 2980[email protected]
Barker Home, UABWoolly rugs, overlays, alpaca rugs , cloaks, country , Irena AbromavičienėRaudondvario pl. 101, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 363327, +370 682 13669[email protected]
Barker Textiles, UABManufacture of woolen, wool- jacquard, cotton, cotton- jacquard, special purpose rugs. Production services according to individual orders, custom design adaptation, technical textiles. / Blankets, cushion covers, sitting pads, caps. Wool structure and jacquard , cotton structure and jacquard, Institutional blankets. Design adoption, production services, private label, technical textile. Janne Ari MakiRaudondvario pl. 101, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 328045, Mob. +370 663 77215[email protected]
Dabalta ir Ko, UABRepresentatives of DURKOPP. DURKOPP ADLER AG sewing machines, vending machines. Sewing industry service: technology, equipment design, installation, spare parts, staff training. Jonas KungysSavanoriu pr. 174A, LT-03153 Vilnius+370 5 264 7120, 264 7121, 213 6680[email protected]
Dainava, AB Regina MorkuvienėUlonų g. 16, LT-62157 Alytus+370 315 56828[email protected]
Dano Gaižausko ĮmonėFemale and production and trade of children's clothing. Danas GaižauskasKrivių g. 42-4, Vilniushttp://www.unlabel.lt
Diremta, UABPrinting house, advertising work, business gifts Remigijus DaugėlaDraugystės g. 19, LT-51230 Kaunas+370 37 409010[email protected]
Diteksas, UABWholesale and retail trade in yarns and fabrics Vytautas EidukevičiusKęstučio g. 1/9, LT-08118 Vilnius+370 5 275 7283/275 7285[email protected]
http://www.diteksas.lt, http://www.madosgarazas.lt
Duovena, UABD idmen trade; sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery threads, sewing accessories, haberdashery, fabrics Rūta VoverytėA. Juozapavičiaus g. 6/2, LT-09310 Vilnius+370 5 273 0971[email protected]
Edmundas ir partneriai, UABClothing s sewing and construction; sales of sewing services Aldona ŽindžiuvienėDraugystės g. 15B, LT-51228 Kaunas+370 699 86749[email protected]
EJ PROJEKTAI, UABTrade in all types of fur and production of fur products. Egidijus ŽvirblisTilžės 41, LT- 47179 Kaunas+370 698 31049[email protected]
Ekonominės konsultacijos ir tyrimai, UABBusiness consulting Gintas UmbrasasJ. Jasinskio g. 16B, LT-01112 Vilnius+370 5 252 6225[email protected]
http://www.ekt.lt, http://www.ektmokymai.lt
Ekspozicijų centras, UABOrganization of exhibitions, events. Rental of exhibition equipment, design and rental of exhibition stands. Erikas PiskunovasSavanorių pr. 178F, LT-03154, Vilnius+370 5 277 9354[email protected]
EMKO UABEMKO is a Lithuanian company that creates modern design furniture and other home interior elements. EMKO products are developed and manufactured in an active, modern, responsible market. Our group of clients ranges from dynamic professionals who incorporate refreshing ideas into their lives and make unusual decisions to creative artists seeking to reflect the passion they surround their own work. Saulius MikulskisKalvarijų 1-4.1 (4-as aukštas) Vilnius. LT-09310, Lietuva+370 615 33588[email protected]
Engel Dali, Lietuvos ir Danijos UABWork clothes, clothes - sewing Romualda MozūrienėJ.Basanavičiaus g. 114, LT-28214 Utena+370 389 55935, +370 389 61745[email protected]
Eurozovita, UABSale of sewing machines, sewing accessories Darius ValackaŠvitrigailos g. 29, LT-03209 Vilnius+370 5 233 1216[email protected]
EUSTILIJA, E. Galkauskienės įmonė Eugenija GalkauskienėBijūnų 12, LT-48399 Kaunas+370 37 338588[email protected]
Fizinių ir technologijos mokslų centro Tekstilės institutas dr. Aušra AbraitienėDemokratų g. 53, LT-48485 Kaunas+370 37 308666[email protected]
Flokati UABProduction and marketing of textiles, wool products. Asta KančelskienėMituvos g.4, LT-50130, Kaunas+370 699 59474[email protected]
Gabriel Textiles, UABWeaving services and sale of furniture fabrics Darius DaulenskasKauno g. 4, LT-68176 Marijampolė+370 343 93005[email protected]
Gantas, UABWholesale of textile products Petras MorkvėnasStaniūnų g. 66, LT-36142 Panevėžys+370 45 572490[email protected]
Garlita, UABManufacture of over - knitwear products Juozas MartikaitisPagirių km., LT-53282 Garliava, Kauno raj.+370 37 393893[email protected]
GTK-W.GRUNDLER im Balticum, UABEquipment manufacture, assembly, warranty and post-war repair. Manufacture of machinery and technological equipment for light and textile industries. Dr. Antanas JanulevičiusDraugystės g. 15B, LT-51228 Kaunas+370 37 457405[email protected]
Guminukas, UABFabric cutting; sale of sewing threads, Velcro strips; production of various textile accessories; production of elastic strips, cords, cantilever strips, shoemakers, furniture rubbers Saulius IndaPakruojo g. 2B, LT-76126 Šiauliai+370 41 545425[email protected]
Interscalit, UABProduces mattresses, sanitary mattresses, couches, spring blocks, blankets, pillows, latex pillows, mattress covers, impiles, covers for blankets and pillows, sheets, bedspreads. Manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade. Marius RakickasJ. Basanavičiaus g. 103C, LT-76129 Šiauliai+370 41 501150[email protected]
Irmco, UABTrade in work clothes, production. Horeca clothing trade, production. Production and sale of tablecloths, curtains. Lekala printing services, fabric trade. Irmantas RozenbergasTaikos pr. 116D, Kaunas LT-51152[email protected]
Justilė, UAB Jūratė ŠulcienėKalvarijų 125, 1 korp., 1 įėjimas, 2 a., LT-08221 Vilnius+370 5 276 7236[email protected]
Karaliaus Mindaugo profesinio mokymo centras, VšĮOne of the largest vocational training institutions in Lithuania, with activities reaching more than 80 m. It is a modern and dynamic training institution that responds quickly to changes in the labor market and boldly applies innovative forms of education. The Textile Division was established in 1994 and trains qualified specialists in this one of the most developed industries in the world, specializing in sewing and construction services. Crafts and art intertwine here, and only the highest quality raw materials are used in the teaching process. State-of-the-art equipment ensures the competitiveness of future professionals in the labor market not only in Lithuania but throughout Europe. Dr.Nora PileičikienėKaraliaus Mindaugo pr. 11, LT-44287 Kaunas+370 37 221723[email protected]
Kauno Baltija, AB Vidas ButkusGaižiūnų g. 4, LT-50126 Kaunas+370 37 302100[email protected]
Kauno kolegija Mindaugas MisiūnasPramonės pr. 20, LT-50468 Kaunas+370 37 352324[email protected]
Kauno technologijos universitetas, Mechanikos inžinerijos ir dizaino fakultetas, Medžiagų inžinerijos katedra Doc. dr. Vaida JonaitienėStudentų g. 56, LT-51424 Kaunas+370 37 300217/300218[email protected]
Kilimai, UABIndividual ordering, production and sale of handmade carpets Kęstutis DaukšysKlevų al. 46, Lentvaris, LT-25101 Trakų raj.+370 5 282 8283[email protected]
Kirptė, UABWork clothes for indoor, outdoor work, sports clothes for children, adults, T-shirts, shorts, clothes for fishermen, clothes for chefs, suits for rugby and other sports - sewing. Putting logos on clothing by order. Renatas BlažysUlonų g. 16, LT-62175 Alytus+370 315 77383[email protected]
Klaipėdos technologijų mokymo centras Violeta PetrušienėPuodžių g. 10, LT-92127 Klaipėda+370 46 313682[email protected]
Klasikinė tekstilė, A. R. Baumilų TŪBHome textiles and linen clothing; weaving of linen fabrics; textile (yarn, fabrics, garments) finishing (painting, softening, etc.) Savininkai: Alevtina Baumilienė ir Rimantas BaumilasBrastos g. 9, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 360621[email protected]
Kloteksa, UABClothes, clothing export Lina BinevičienėDraugystės g. 15B, LT-51228 Kaunas+370 699 87233[email protected]
Koliz, UABIndustrial sewing technique. Laying, cutting, ironing and other equipment for the sewing industry. Needles for sewing machines, spare parts. Maintenance. Eduard KazakovNaugarduko g. 41, LT-03227 Vilnius+370 5 213 0909/215 1424[email protected]
Kurima, UABBed linen, towels, bathrobes, pajamas, tablecloths, home suits - sewing, production. Woolen, anti-allergic rugs, blankets, pillows - wholesale, retail. Hotel facilities with bedding, sheets, towels bathrobes. Zenon KulikovskiMetalo g. 19, LT-02190 Vilnius+370 5 213 6749[email protected]
Kvarkas, UAB Ilona AladaitytėMėsinių g. 9-1, LT-01013 Vilnius+370 687 13560[email protected], [email protected]
http://www.kvarkas.lt, http://www.decoflux.com
Lelija, UABMass production of men's, women's, children's clothing by order, cutting, modeling, sewing, trade. Sewing services - according to individual orders. Genė ZaveckienėPanerių g. 43, LT-03202 Vilnius+370 5 233 0761[email protected]
Lietuvos vilnos tekstilės asociacija Aurimas PalevičiusSaltoniškių g. 29/3, LT-08105 Vilnius+370 37 353438[email protected]
Linas, AB Vilita SkersienėS. Kerbedžio 23, LT-35114 Panevėžys+370 45 506103[email protected]
Lincasa, UABLinen, semi-linear fabrics, textile products (linear tablecloths, napkins, kitchen textiles, jacquard towels), manufacture of outer garments (vy coarse shirts, jackets, coats). Vidas VaitkusJ. Biliūno g. 1, Samylai, LT- 53151 Kauno raj.+370 37 489123[email protected]
Lino apdaila, UABManufacture of linen fabrics, sewing of home textiles and clothing Renata RailienėS. Kerbedžio g. 23, Panevėžys+370 45 506100[email protected]
Liteksas, AB Rūta MatulaitytėDraugystės g. 16, LT-51258 Kaunas+370 37 465772[email protected]
LNA, UABManufacture of children's clothing from wool Jeannette AlmstormV. Maciulevičiaus g. 51, LT-04310 Vilnius+370 5 233 5745[email protected]
Lorita, UABManufacture of garments, bedding, hats and accessories for babies from organic cotton, merino wool, bamboo, linen. / Designing and making fine clothes, bedding, caps, christening outfits and other products for newborns and babies. Daiva ViltrakienėŽemaičių 49, LT-91261 Klaipėda+370 46 489101/489277; +370 685 75408[email protected]
LTM Garments, UAB Jonas DaukantasDzūkų g. 22, LT-02164 Vilnius+370 5 262 1981[email protected]
LTP, UABMass sewing of clothes Eugenija JanulienėNeries kr. 16, LT-48402 Kaunas+370 37 362322[email protected]
Magic Crafts UABThe company is engaged in e-commerce, manufacturing and exporting linen textiles to foreign countries. Vita MurauskienėManufaktūrų g. 16, 3 aukštas, LT-11342 Vilnius+370 615 80604[email protected]
March design studio, UABUAB ”March design studio” develops, develops, manufactures and sells various types of innovative products, the common collection of which also includes textile products. The company cooperates with Lithuanian producers who supply the company with production blanks. UAB March design studio focuses only on wholesale sales. The main part of the production is exported to the EU or Third Countries. The company's sales account for 95% of exports and local sales - 5%. The company also provides product design development services Eglė OpeikienėKrivių g. 10, LT-01203 Vilnius+ 370 607 80905[email protected]
Mega Euro Group - MEG, UABProduction of upper knitwear. Wholesale of sewing accessories. Sigitas StankevičiusVeiverių g. 51A, LT-46336 Kaunas+370 37 338100[email protected]
Mittet, UABArtificial furs and quilted fabrics, stitching service Jūratė KabalinienėLiepų 15, Mosėdis, LT-98268 Skuodo raj.+370 440 76601[email protected]; [email protected]
Mituvėlė, UABPackaging of light and food industry products. Press, posters, booklets, stickers, labels, cardboard packaging, packaging packaging - production, wholesale. Darius GrigasSavanorių 174A, Vilnius+370 5 216 3573[email protected]
Modernios technologijos,UABUAB Modern Technologies represents more than 60 manufacturers of classic textile (weaving, spinning, finishing) equipment, knitting, nonwovens, raw materials, yarns, fabrics, consumables and spare parts. Siarhei ShcharbakouKonstitucijos pr. 21A, Vilnius, LT -09306+370 6467 8790[email protected]
Modestina ir Ko, IĮ Sigitas KazlauskasPailių g. 6B-12, Šiauliai+370 41 591803[email protected]
Natūrali tekstilė, IĮProduction of sauna hats from natural wool Virgilijus ŠvelnysDariaus ir Girėno 49, LT-89486 Pakalupio km. Mažeikių rajonas+370 68 330 188[email protected]
Neaustima, UABManufacture of nonwovens Raimondas LukauskasJ. Basanavičiaus g. 103C, LT-76129 Šiauliai+370 41 545454[email protected]
Neaustinių medžiagų fabrikas, AB Stanislovas GrušasJ. Basanavičiaus g. 103C, LT-76129 Šiauliai+370 41 545500[email protected]
Nevėžis, UABManufacture and sale of upper women's clothing. Rima BieliauskienėBeržų g. 52, LT-36147 Panevėžys+370 45 437285[email protected]
Nostra, UABWholesale and retail trade; fabrics (for home textiles, occupational safety, hotels, hospitals, etc. t.); finished home textile fabrics (bedding, towels, sheets, rugs, pillows, blankets, etc.); import / export. Igoris KupstasSausių g. 44, Sausių km., Lentvario sen., Trakų raj. LT-21401+370 5 216 2016/216 2029[email protected]
Omniteksas, UAB Audronė PocienėRaudondvario pl. 101, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 361494[email protected]
Paliūtis, UABProduction of waterproof footwear Artūras StelionisŽirnių g. 6, LT-02120 Vilnius+370 5 215 2265[email protected]
Pangrama, UABProvision of design services. Product development, production, sale Aistė NesterovaitėT.Ševčenkos g.16H-11, LT-03111 Vilniushttp://www.formuniform.com
Personalo importo sprendimai, UABUAB "Staff Import Solutions" has experience in the field of employee selection in Ukraine, is well aware of the specifics of the Lithuanian labor market and business requirements for staff qualification. This helps us to ensure the quality of all the services provided and to offer the most suitably qualified employee to your company. If the employee's working skills do not meet your requirements, UAB's "Staff Import Solutions" will replace the employee with the right one free of charge and as soon as possible. Olena SydorchiukGeležinio vilko g. 18A, LT-08104, Vilnius+370 5 203 4317[email protected]
Roris ir ko, UABManufacture and sale of fur and leather goods. Rima PivorienėBalelių k.Taujėnų sen.,LT-20343 Ukmergės raj.37034044462[email protected]
Rožė, UABSewing women's outerwear Tatjana TreščenkovaPolocko g. 15, LT-01204 Vilnius+370 5 215 3665[email protected]
Rudholmas, UABDidm eninis trade in sewing industry accessories. Manufacture of sewing accessories. A wide range of sewing accessories range from sewing threads, adhesive liners and various fabrics to hangers and product packaging materials. Giedrius ŽindžiusNeries kr. 16, LT-48402 Kaunas+370 37 363088[email protected]
Sabalin, UABFootwear production Regina ArcišauskaitėŽemaitės g. 145, LT-76139 Šiauliai+370 41 544466[email protected]
Sanveda, UABFinishing of textile products, painting of products, processing of recipes, painting of woolen, cotton rugs Nijolė IvančikienėSausinės g. 26, LT-47483 Kaunas+370 37 345910[email protected]
Šatrija, AB Giedrius GrondskisVilniaus g. 5, LT-60180 Raseiniai+370 428 70610[email protected]
Savitas stilius, UAB Janina SanikovienėTrakų g. 43, LT-76291 Šiauliai+370 41 526181[email protected]
SBT Textile, UABDigital sublimation press. Dovilė PurlienėDraugystės g.15F, LT-51227 KaunasĮmonės kodas: 303336087
Sidabrinis smėlis, UABManufacture and sale of clothing. Gintarė Jurašytė- ŠukienėUžupio g. 15, LT- 01202 Vilnius+370 656 21602[email protected]
Silkeborg, UABWool blankets, rugs, scarves - production, wholesale. Rūta LodienėRaudondvario pl. 101, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 328288[email protected]
Šilta mada, UABModeling and sewing of fur coats, semicircular, fur vests. Individual fur sewing and repair, sewing, pattern change. Sewing interior decorations from natural fur according to individual orders. Trade in fur, semicircular, fur vests, fur hats, fur accessories. Cutting and sewing services for fur products. Astra GintautaitėJ.Tumo – Vaižganto g. 4, LT-01013 Vilnius+370 650 22646[email protected]
Siūlas, ABLinen product manufacturer: yarn, fabrics, clothing, bedding, tableware Vidmantas GražinysAstravas 17, LT-41190 Biržai+370 450 31745/31389[email protected]
Sparta Textile, UABManufacture of lingerie and socks. Tomas TumynasM. Valančiaus g. 10, LT-69405 Kazlų Rūda37034395133[email protected]
Šv. Ignaco Lojolos kolegijaThe college has 5 professional undergraduate programs: Image Diza inas, orthopedic technology, beauty therapy, social work and hospitality management. dr. Aivaras AnužisJ. Jablonskio g. 2, LT-44286 Kaunas+370 37 200260[email protected]
Tebesa, UABLingerie Mindaugas GyvisNeries kr. 16, LT-48402 Kaunas+370 37 361874[email protected]
Teksaira, UAB Ričardas KasparavičiusAlgirdo g. 8/6, LT-03220 Vilnius+370 5 265 1232[email protected]
Tessuti naturali, UABManufacture and finishing of linen, halves, woolen rugs. Kęstutis IvankevičiusJ. Biliūno g. 1a, Samylų kaimas, Kauno raj.+370 37 489 123[email protected]
TexCup, UABSewing and construction of classic and uniform men's and women's suits. Henrik PedersenRaudondvario pl. 93, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 301222[email protected]
TexTera UABUAB ,,Textera employs qualified specialists to help provide quality services for the production of outerwear and the development of collections. Ramunė ŽemėnienėUlonu str. 29a, LT – 62161, Alytus37068651089
Textilis, UAB Janina MalakauskienėDraugystės g. 15B, LT-51228 Kaunas+370 37 460117[email protected]
Transekspedicija, UABCarriage of textile products on suspension by special transport, freight on local and international routes by road, storage, customs brokers and other logistics services Vidmantas PelėdaGalinės g. 1, Galinės k., Avižienių sen., LT-14247 Vilniaus r.+370 5 230 0100[email protected]
Tributum, UABKnitwear, textile finishing, painting, tauring. Ramūnas DamalakasRaudondvario pl. 93, LT-47184 Kaunas+370 37 361639[email protected]
Tuma, UABSpec. clothing, clothing - military, railway uniforms, suits, coats, jackets, raincoats, uniform hats, shirts - sewing, mass production. Accepts orders from foreign countries. Workwear - trade. Vladimiras IvlijevasSavanorių pr. 139, Vilnius+370 5 213 2509[email protected]
Utenos kolegija, VšĮ Dr. Raimundas ČepukasMaironio g. 7, LT-28142 Utena+370 389 51615[email protected]
Utenos trikotažas, AB Algirdas ŠabūnasJ. Basanavičiaus g. 122, LT-28214 Utena+370 389 51445[email protected]
Vernitas, ABCotton, wool, a krill yarn, production, wholesale and retail trade, yarns for carpets, rugs, tapestries, yarn dyeing, yarn twisting and other production services; transportation, metal parts and technical rubber production services Saulius LiubinasStoties 16, LT-68108 Marijampolė+370 343 68150[email protected]
Verpstas, ABFrom various types of yarns, they produce top knitwear for children, women and men. Gintautas MartinaitisTrakų g. 43, LT-76291 Šiauliai+370 41 592050[email protected]
Vestekspress, UABTour operator Egidijus VaišvilasA. Stulginskio g. 5, LT-01115 Vilnius+370 5 255 3205[email protected]
Vido Raibikio įmonėThe company provides the following services: industrial embroidery, laser engraving and cutting, printing and clustering, thermal printing on various types of materials. Vidas RaibikisDraugystės g.19, Kauno m.+370 652 47445[email protected]
Vikada, UABWomen's outerwear - sewing. Gina RamanauskienėKauno g. 32, LT-03202 VILNIUS+370 5 233 8353[email protected]
Vilaurita, UABProduces and sells the highest quality textile products for babies and young children. Traded in certified fabric products of various fibers. Carries out wholesale and retail trade. Audra KlovienėLakštingalų g. 44, 87107 Telšiai+370 444 54194[email protected]
Vilniaus dizaino kolegija, VšĮ Aldis FledžinskasKauno g. 34, LT-03202 Vilnius+370 5 261 1121; +370 650 45558[email protected]
Vilniaus kailiai, AB Neila ŠveikauskaitėPaupio g. 28, LT-11341 Vilnius+370 5 262 7803/260 0126[email protected]
Vilniaus kolegija, Menų ir kūrybinių technologijų fakultetas, VĮHigh school, college studies Silvija GrušnienėDidlaukio g. 82, LT-08303 Vilnius+370 5 219 1720[email protected]
Vilniaus Žirmūnų darbo rinkos mokymo centras, VšĮ Romualdas StašinskasŽirmūnų g. 143, LT-09128 Vilnius+370 5 277 6712[email protected]
Vilnos namai, UABTop knitwear made of natural materials - production, knitting. Sigitas ŠatrauskasSėlių g. 53, LT-28203 Utena+370 389 50559[email protected]
Violeta ir partneriai, V. Bakstienės firmaSewing work clothes Violeta BakstienėSavanorių 14, LT-97108 Kretinga+370 445 77144[email protected]
Visatex, UABSewing men's suits Andreas HuechtingTaikos 25, LT-31217 Visaginas+370 386 50009[email protected]
Vitameda, UABOccupational safety equipment, workwear, footwear, gloves, helmets, etc. - retail and wholesale. Work clothes - production, sewing. Kęstutis JociusStatybininkų g. 7, LT-50118 Kaunas+370 37 337414[email protected]
VIXIT, UAB Haroldas SakalauskasSmėlio g. 8, LT-62114 Alytus+370 315 39851[email protected]
Vokietijos ir Baltijos šalių prekybos rūmai Estijoje, Latvijoje, LietuvojeThe German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania (AHK) has been the most important partner of Lithuanian companies in Germany for two decades. AHK unites almost 500 members and provides excellent opportunities to develop cooperation between Lithuanian and German companies. The House helps companies make direct contacts and offers a variety of services, providing detailed information on the Baltic and German markets. AHK actively represents the interests of its members in public institutions. AHK is your partner in Germany and the world. Contact us! Audronė GurinskienėVinco Kudirkos g. 6, LT-03105 Vilnius+37 521 31122[email protected]
Žlugtas, UABProcessing of textile products. Painting of textiles and clothing, enzim laundry, softening, bleaching, etc. (for companies only). Laser processing of textile products. Drawing of various patterns on textile products (laserization). Machining of denim products (clothes), laser processing (for companies only). Various processing (washing) of large quantities of new seam products (for companies only). Aidas VodeikisElektronikos g. 15, LT-35116 Panevėžys+370 45 510007[email protected]
Zova, UABDi dmen trade in sewing accessories and accessories Saulius BakšysLakūnų st. 30, LT-09131 Vilnius+370 5 213 8585/213 8588[email protected]

(Courtesy: Enterprise Lithuania)

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