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The Egyptian Textile Industry: A Profile

The Egyptian Textile Industry

Egypt’s garment exports increased by 54% to $204 million in January 2022, up from 132 million in January 2021. With a value of $123 million in January 2022, compared to $78 million in January 2021, the United States was the top destination for Egyptian garment exports, followed by European markets, which got clothes worth $37 million, compared to $28 million in January 2021.

Exports to Arab nations grew by 63% to $25 million, while exports to non-Arab African countries fell by 66% to $109,000. Exports to other countries grew by 58 percent to $19 million. In light of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, which may negatively affect ready-made garment exports, especially to the United States, the country aims to open new markets through cooperation with Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS) offices in all nearby countries to increase the volume of exports to them — especially to Arab countries

Fibers & Monofilaments:

Can be created from many natural sources (Animal-based: like wool& silk, Plant-based: like cotton, flax, modal & jute), as well as semisynthetic methods that use naturally occurring polymers, and synthetic methods that use polymer-based materials to produce fibres like: polyester& acrylic, and even minerals such as metals to make foils and wires.

Cotton Yarn:

Egyptian companies produce yarns made of a variety of cotton fibers; mainly long& extra-long staple. We have state of the art spinning mills exclusively for the production of top quality fine and superfine compact yarns; counts Ne 40 up to 140 single/plied relying mainly on the precious and historical Egyptian Giza cotton known as “The White Gold”. Coarse counts made of short staple cottons are also produced.

Sewing Threads

Egypt manufactures a wide range of synthetic sewing threads (spun polyester, textured polyester and Nylon) in addition to cotton threads (including mercerized) for a variety of end uses. In core spun threads our companies offer poly- poly core spun and poly cotton core spun.

Woven fabrics

Woven fabrics for apparel mainly shirting. Those fabrics are mostly woven of cotton yarns& sometimes cotton blends; depending on customer requests.


Home Textile Fabric

Egypt manufacturers large width woven fabrics for bed sheets, or manufacturers of terry fabrics used in producing terry towels. Some of those companies are vertically integrated starting from spinning till finished product.

Upholstery Fabric Suppliers

Egyptian manufacturers offer a variety of upholstery fabrics including: linen, cotton, polyester, leather, wool and damask. In addition to embroidered curtains.

Woven Sportswear Fabric

There are companies producing woven fabrics for sports and active requirements.

Deck & Tents Fabric Suppliers

Egypt has manufacturers of fabrics for decks, tents & overlays.

Knitted Lingerie Fabric Suppliers

Egypt companies have a continuously expanding product range of specialty textiles serving the intimate apparel industry. From designing to knitting, to dyeing and finishing, they work alongside customers to customize their fabrics. Few of those companies are delving into the niche, with specialties such as eyelash lace, and lace of Egyptian cotton

Knitted Sportswear Fabric Suppliers

Sports textile are usually knitted fabrics with unique functional characteristics like: water vapor permeability, air permeability, thermal conductivity, and moisture management properties. Egypt companies are manufacturers and exporters of high quality sportswear fabrics for various brands.

Denim Fabric Suppliers

Denim is a fast growing product in the Egyptian textile sector during past few years. Now it is the most exported product in terms of value. Egypt has companies manufacturing denim fabric that are of huge production capacities and are vertically integrated.

Flax Yarn Suppliers

Linen has been known since early antiquity, and is thus the oldest textile fiber. Egyptian mummies have been found wrapped in linen cloths, which proves this fiber was known for its noble virtues and solidity thousands of years earlier. Egypt is currently producing 100% wet spun fine quality linen yarns for weaving& knitting.

Wool Yarn Suppliers

There are many yarn specs produced in Egypt; booth weaving & knitting yarns. Yarn measures ranging from 10 Nm up to 100/2 Nm, in 100% wool & in wool blends. There are regular, compact Siro & Siro spun yarns, with natural stretch or branded Lycra stretch.

Polyester Yarn Suppliers

Egypt produces texturized yarns using high quality POY at par with international standards. Polyester spinners use high speed texturizing machines to produce intermingled/soft/non intermingled texturized yarns.

Acrylic Yarn Suppliers

Egypt produces 100 % Acrylic yarns colored and raw white either single or double in both high bulk and relaxed form with a count range of 7 Nm up to 50 Nm. Egypt also produces Wool/Acrylic blended yarns with a wool content from 20% to 80%, in addition to other acrylic blends (Viscose, polyamide & polyester).

Modal Yarn Suppliers

As a type of rayon, modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, often from beech trees. Modal is used alone or with other fibers (often cotton or spandex) in house wear items like pajamas, towels, bathrobes, and underwear and bed sheets.

Modal is processed under different conditions to produce a fiber that is stronger and more stable when it is wet than standard rayon, yet has a soft feel, similar to cotton.

Polypropylene Yarn Suppliers

Polypropylene (PP) is an interesting yarn raw material for a number of applications due to properties such as high tensile strength, low weight compared to other materials and its resistance against mildew and the nocuous effects of water.

It can be used for producing polypropylene woven sacks/bags, sheets& woven fabrics (laminated& un-laminated).

Nylon Yarn Suppliers

Nylon yarns have outstanding tensile strength and low shrinkage properties under heated conditions, as well as high elasticity. We have suppliers of Nylon 6, and Nylon 66 as flat yarn (FDY/FOY), POY and textured yarns.

Lycra Yarn Suppliers

Spandex, Lycra or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. It is stronger and more durable than natural rubber. It is a polyether-polyurea copolymer that was invented in 1958 by chemist Joseph Shivers at DuPont’s Benger Laboratory in Waynesboro, Virginia. When introduced in 1962, it revolutionized many areas of the clothing industry.

There are different brand names for spandex including Lycra; depending on the producing company & country.

Viscose Yarn Suppliers

Viscose is a unique form of wood cellulose acetate that can be used for the manufacturing of different types of products. It can also be made into the more common form of rayon that is used for many types of textile products, including clothing. Fabrics made of viscose rayon have a silky appearance, feel, and also have the ability to breathe in a manner similar to cotton weaves.

Suppliers Of Medical & Healthcare Textiles

Medical textiles are one of the most rapidly expanding sectors in the technical textile field. Our companies produce anti-microbial textiles providing protection against the transmission of infection in health care facilities.

Suppliers Of Automotives Textiles

Companies producing textiles for automotive interiors and other technical fabrics for the automotive industry.

Military Fabrics Suppliers

Military fabrics are made from more than standard fabrics like cotton or canvas; they are also made from things like polyester, vinyl, polyester vinyl composites, and acrylics to name a few. They are performance fabrics, engineered for a wide variety of uses for military purposes.

Packaging Textiles Suppliers

Egypt companies produce a variety of packaging textiles from different materials like polypropylene& polyethylene. They produce big bags (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), sling bags, in addition to flexible packaging (bags, pouches, sachets, wraps, etc., made of easily yielding materials)

Suppliers Of Non-Woven Textiles

Egypt companies produce advanced, high-quality engineered nonwovens, films and textile backsheets for the components of disposable baby diapers, adult incontinence, femcare and other hygiene applications. Nonwovens for other purposes like: industrial, agricultural& medical are also produced in Egypt.

Yarn Dyeing Service Providers

Companies in Egypt offer dyeing services for a variety of yarn types: cotton, polyester, acrylic, nylon& blends. Some of them are specialized in mercerizing and dyeing cotton yarns as well.


Fabric Dyeing Service Providers

Egypt companies provide dyeing services for woven fabrics made of cotton, viscose, linen, polyester and different blends using pigment, reactive and disperse dyes. Also dyeing services for knitted fabrics: tubular (circular knit), open width (warp knit), lace, trims & galloons.

Rotary Printing Service Providers

Egypt companies use modern laser printing machines for eight color rotary printing. They also provide modern laser engraving and color separation systems; all conducted using the latest in industry CADCAM software.

Digital Printing Service Providers

Digital printing is by far one of the most exciting developments in the textile industry. It opens up endless opportunities for customization, small run printing, prototyping and experimentation. From promotional materials like posts& banners to clothing like t-shirt & work uniforms our companies provide a variety of digitally printed products.

Finishing Service Providers

Egypt companies offer diverse selections of finishing processes. Both mechanical and chemical finishes tailored to clients’ needs. Silky, rubbery, oily, papery, waterproof and soil proof finishes are available, alongside other types of finishing techniques that include Teflon finish, crease resists, sanforizing, emerizing, raising and shearing. Other special finishes available: Flame retardancy, water repellency, moisture management, antimicrobial, softening, sueding, flocking, Glitter, & resin treatment.

Home Textiles Suppliers

Those are vertically integrated companies producing finished home textiles (bed linens, terry towels) and their manufacturing process starts either from weaving, or spinning.

Apparel Suppliers

Those are vertically integrated companies producing finished garments and their manufacturing process starts either from weaving/knitting, or spinning.

List of Egyptian Textile and Home Textiles Manufacturers and Exporters

wdt_ID Company Chairman Export Manager/Phone Website Emails Factory/Office Address Products
1 Aksa Egypt Acrylic Fiber Industry (s.a.e) Mr.Cengiz Taz Mr. Essam Fatthi (+2) 01273269888 http://www.akkok.com.tr/en/GroupCompanies/Textiles/Pages/AksaEgypt.aspx [email protected],[email protected] New Borg El-Arab city,4th Industrial zone, Block 19.Alexandria New Borg El-Arab city,4th Industrial zone, Block 19.Alexandria Acrylic
2 Al Ahram For Trading & Industry Mr.Raouf Makram Mr.Melad Moheb (+2) 010-02662982 http://alahram-egy.com/ [email protected] Piece 57 4th Industrial Zone,6th Of October ,Cairo Piece 57 4th Industrial Zone,6th Of October ,Cairo TECHNICAL TEXTILES – Packaging Textiles: Polypropylene
3 Al Baraka Group For Spinning & Weaving Mr.Abdel-Raoof Kodsy Mr.Adel Kodsy (+2) 012-00999990 http://www.albaraka.me/ [email protected] Egypt Ismailia desert road - Investment Compounds - 10th Of Ramadan Egypt Ismailia desert road - Investment Compounds - 10th Of Ramadan Woven& Knitted Fabrics for Apparel: Cotton - Polyester 100% or Blended
4 Al Midani Spinning & Weaving Eng.Nabil Al-Midani Eng.Badr Al-Midani (+2) 015-413098,(+2) 015-413120 http://midanitex.com/ [email protected] Industrial Zone A-2,Piece no. 14/4-10th of Ramadan city Industrial Zone A-2,Piece no. 14/4-10th of Ramadan city N/A
5 Al Misria Al Korea For Textile Ind. Mr.Mohamed Hassan Abdel Kareem Mr. Muhammad Fawzy (+2) 01065000750 http://www.ulhwatex.com/ [email protected],[email protected],[email protected] PORT SAID INDUSTRIAL AREA PORT SAID INDUSTRIAL AREA Polyester Woven Fabrics for Apparel - Fabric Dyeing, Printing& Finishing
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