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APJeT’s™ Eco-Friendly Plasma Technology

Sustainable & Economical Technology APJeT’s™ Eco-Friendly Plasma Technology is the Future of Textile Pretreating & Finishing

Atmospheric Plasma Jet Source : APJeT™ machines use revolutionary plasma technology to provide a superior fabric treatment. Our machines operate at atmospheric pressure and do not require vacuum systems. APJeT’s technology was designed with the environment in mind. No harmful emissions or waste water treatment are associated with APJeT’s technology. The plasma and chemistry are applied without heat, water, or any electrical risks to the fabric (such as arcing, which can result in holes and burn marks). 

Conventional Method :

Traditional textile processing requires large amounts of water, energy, and chemical to apply a chemical finish to the surface of a fabric. Water and energy, from fossil fuel, represent limited natural resources that are quickly being depleted. APJeT’s patented technology completely eliminates the need for water and significantly reduces the amount of energy and chemicals needed to achieve a high performance finish.

Conventional Method

Conventional Method

In a conventional textile finishing process, the fabric is immersed in a bath containing chemical and large amounts of water and squeezed between rolls to remove excess pick-up. The fabric is then passed through a large, hot oven to remove the remaining water and cure the chemistry. These hot ovens consume large amounts of energy. After fabric treatment, the remaining bath water is contaminated and must be cleaned and processed before being released into the environment. If proper safety methods are not followed, waste-water can be released into streams and enter the ecosystem.

APJeT’s Technology was Designed with the Environment in Mind

APJeT™ Sustainable Technology : No Water – No Heat – Less Energy – Less Chemical

APJeT’s Energy-Efficient Treatment™ :

APJeT’s™ Eco-Friendly Plasma Technology

APJeT’s™ Eco-Friendly Plasma Technology

The APTeX™ plasma machine replaces the heat provided by the ovens as the method for curing the chemical. The plasma is non-thermal and more efficient at curing than the ovens, reducing energy consumption dramatically.

Another unique aspect of APJeT™ technology is the reduction of chemical use. Only 10% of the chemical is needed using APJeT™ technology to achieve the same fabric finish as conventional treatment. Our application method can apply the chemistry only where it is needed, with no unnecessary treatment into or between yarns. The resulting finish is extremely thin, with no loss in properties. This reduces initial chemical consumption and introduces less chemical into the environment when the final product reaches it’s end-of-life disposal.

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What is a “Plasma”?

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