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Fluorine based reactive dyes from Color Root

Reactive dyes are widely used for the dyeing of cellulose fibres and fabrics because of their economical dyeings and simple dyeing operating. The newer types of reactive dyes offer quite reasonable and accepted levels of wet and other fastness properties coupled with the cost advantages. These dyes have made vat dyes practically non-existent. Reactive dye generally offer a wide range of bright colors, excellent performance, strong applicability, appealing hue and good performance on cellulosic  fibers. Reactive dyes have received excellent market acceptability especially for the cellulosic fibre/fabrics.The global share of reactive dyes production is estimated to be 20 ~ 30% of the total dyestuff production. They are ranked first for application on cellulosics. But ordinary reactive dyes have poor utilization rate (poor exhaustion) mostly in the range of 60 ~ 65%. The rate of redyeing is high which increases the cost and total delivery time. The existing processes are not only time-consuming but are associated with high energy consumption and huge amount of waste water that is a lot more difficult to treat.

Color Root (Hubei) is the only production base for Fluorine-base reactive dyes in China

Color Root (Hubei) is the only production base for Fluorine-base reactive dyes in China

China uses approximately 10 million tons of reactive dyes annually. Experts estimate that if all change to use fluorine containing reactive dyes or similar reactive dyes, the industry can reduce printing and dyeing wastewater by about 4,500 tons every year. The usage of inorganic salts can also be reduced by 3.25 million tons to 45 million tons. The use of fluorine containing reactive dyes enhances the fixation and a level of 80% exhaustion is achieved resulting in the benefits described above.

But, the production of fluorine containing reactive dye series involves the use of very high technology, which is quite complex and challenging. Only a handful of global companies – Dystar in Germany, Huntsman and Clariant in Basel, Switzerland have such manufacturing capabilities. The Color Root, therefore, offers an attractive alternative to developing countries with it’s Award winning technology at much lower price. The technology was developed by the Company in cooperation with the scientists at the Wuhan Textile University, a leading textile education and research centre.

Colorant will now offer, exclusively, Color Root’s novel FL series fluorine containing reactive dyes in India. Some of the unique features of these dyes are :

  1. Excellent light fastness and perspiration wet light fastness.
  2. Good wash-off property.
  3. Good compatibility and reproducibility.
  4. Good build-up.
  5. Universal dyes for exhaustion, cold pad-batch and continuous process.

Colorant to Offer Fluorine Based Reactive Dyes First Time in India

Fluorine based Reactive dyes

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