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Naturetech Enviro Protection Ltd. Offering Cleartec Technology for Textile Wastewater Treatment

Naturetech Enviro Protection Ltd., a leading Surat-based environmental solution provider, has been offering an array of latest technologies dedicated to managing and treating wastewater, and sludge handling in the most sustainable manner. The company is offering a novel biological treatment technology called IFAS (integrated fixed-film activated sludge) Cleartech to enlarge existing domestic Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP). “With CETP, WWTP and STP as our areas of expertise, we offer state-of-the-art machinery and provide our clients with cutting edge technological solutions to win the fight against pollution,” assures the company in a statement. 

The decrease in natural water resources and increase in population growth has incited Indian authorities to establish and encourage wastewater management. Despite already having existing laws in India regarding water pollution, the Government of India is implementing better rules and regulation.

One such industry that needs to rethink their management of residual waters is the Textile industry.

The textile industry uses large quantities of water in stages such as pretreatment, bleaching, dyeing, and printing, which results in huge amounts of dye wastewater. The wastewater is rich in high-colour, toxic chemical and has high BOD and COD concentration.

The wastewater has significant side-effects on the environment. The colour water causes scarcity in the light which is essential for aquatic organisms. As a result, it leads to an imbalance in the environment. For the purpose of drinking and domestic use, it is necessary for water to be colour and toxic free.

The textile industry has been using water treatment plants to process wastewater, but they are traditional methods that now don’t meet the benchmark for the quality and quantity that water treated.

Moving away from conventional practices, leading the pack is a small yet global player Naturetech Enviro Protection Ltd by introducing technology like IFAS (integrated fixed-film activated sludge) Cleartec.

IFAS Cleartec is used to enlarge existing domestic WWTP which has a limited area available. Through IFAS, in biological treatment there is an increase in concentration of microorganism (biomass) and general performance in the process of the treatment plant.

IFAS (integrated fixed-film activated sludge) Cleartec

And it has several benefits over traditional methods as mentioned below:

  • The great inner surface area
  • Improve sludge characteristics
  • Capacity Increase
  • Performance Increase
  • Operation stability in the biological process

One of the by-products of wastewater treatment is Sludge discharge. And an additional step is being taken by a small yet growing fraction of the diaspora in the country to create a circular economy by recycling sludge being generated from these plants for co-processing and cogeneration.

Disposal is still an issue and the sludge being treated via these mediums still face issues of transportation, health and safety as it may carry pathogens.

Sludge discharge

Naturetech Enviro Protection Ltd is also introducing technologies such as Solar Sludge Drying and Thermal Drying. By bringing these concepts to India, NTPL is helping to re-purpose sludge into useful byproducts. The technologies introduced by NTPL provide a viable solution to reduce the volume of sludge to be disposed off to landfill by drying the sludge up to 90% dry solids.

In association with international channel partners such as Jager Umwelt and I+MZizmann, NTPL is truly changing the way we perceive what was once a liability. The aim of NTPL is to promote ‘Green Business’ by introducing and implementing technologies giving minimum or zero water pollution and it’s byproducts.

IFAS (integrated fixed-film
activated sludge)

NTPL is currently drying up to 290 Tones per day across 3 of its facilities across India and growing across the spectrum with new applications in Industries and governments.

Contact details:

Harshad Fatehpuria, Director
NatureTech Enviro Protection Ltd.
Plot 57 & 71, Vareli, Kadodra, Surat – 394 327 Gujarat
Mobile: +919099937039 Email: [email protected] Website: www.naturetech.org.in

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