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China Garment Association offering subsidies to promote functional wear

China Garment Association has revealed a new government Plan under which production-linked subsidies will be offered to the Manufacturers of functional wear. The Plan has several incentives for those who actively promote R&D capabilities of functional fabrics and focus on the development of flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof and moisture-permeable, moisture-conducting and dry, and acid-base resistant, anti-mosquito and other specialized fabrics.

The government wants to support those enterprises who acquire relevant expertise such as inspection and certification. They can qualify for the military clothing procurement, police uniforms, uniforms for judicial administrative staff and security guards of the China Security Association. Manufacturers of functional textiles have been asked to actively adopt advanced foreign standards for their products.

Development of the functional textile industry in China

Recently, Quanzhou City issued “Ten Measures to Support the Development of the Professional Wear Industry in Quanzhou” (hereinafter referred to as the “Plan”) to fully promote the high-quality development of the professional wear industry (including uniforms, work clothes, school uniforms, work shoes and other related fields). The Plan is prepared by China Garment Association.

The Quanzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has made a detailed Plan to focus on the improvement of key capabilities such as brand, design, and market, and implement a differentiated development strategy. The Bureau aims to actively seize the new market and new track in the field of “professional wear” which includes textile, shoes and clothing.

“Guochao Quanzhou” regional brand

“Guochao Quanzhou” regional brand will be comprehensively launched to achieve an industrial scale of over 80 billion through three years of promotional activities. Under the Plan leading business wear companies, and for those whose annual output value exceeds 1 billion yuan, 3 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan and 10 billion yuan for the first time, a one-time payment of beneficiary finance will be given. The proposed amount is RMB 300,000, RMB 500,000, RMB 1 million and RMB 2 million respectively. For the Quanzhou enterprises that were selected as the “Top Ten Leading Enterprises in China’s Business Wear”, each company will be rewarded with 100,000 yuan by the China Garment Association for the first time.

The Plan will support enterprises to obtain relevant expertise (such as inspection and certification) so that they can qualify for the military clothing procurement qualification. Similarily, police uniforms of the Ministry of Public Security, the police clothing production for the judicial administrative system, and the clothing authorization of security guards of the China Security Association will also be open for Quanzhou enterprises. In order to avail this opportunity, they must possess qualifications such as production capacity, safety production mark certificates for special labor protection products, and should have established professional after-sales service teams to provide high-quality services. Under the Plan being worked out, each enterprise will be awarded 50,000 yuan after confirmation by the municipal industry and information department.

In order to enhance R&D and design capabilities, the Plan mentions that it is necessary to improve the application and R&D capabilities of new materials such as functional fabrics, support enterprises to set up technology centers, and focus on the development of flame retardant, anti-static, waterproof and moisture-permeable, moisture-conducting and dry, and acid-base resistant, anti-mosquito and other functional fabrics. One-time rewards of 1.5 million yuan, 800,000 yuan, and 300,000 yuan will be given to newly recognized national, provincial, and municipal enterprise technology centers respectively.

Key features and objectives of China’s Plan are:

  • Strengthen R&D and innovation
  • Focus on “grasping industrial design to promote industrial upgrading”,
  • Encourage clothing design and clothing plate-making personnel related to professional wear
  • Register and set up clothing design and plate-making studios or offices in Quanzhou
  • Provide design and plate-making services for Quanzhou enterprises.
  • Encourage relevant industry associations and alliances to carry out occupational skills competitions related to professional clothing in body measurement, plate making, and sewing groups to exchange production skills and improve the capabilities of the workforce in the professional clothing industry.
  • Establish the Quanzhou Professional Wear Industry Collaborative Development Alliance to guide the joint development of enterprises.
  • Build a professional wear industry base, and fully enhance the advantages of industrial clusters.
  • Support customized services: build a product/batch personalized customization service platform.
  • Establish and improve the public service platform: focus on the development needs of the business wear industry, tap key technical difficulties in the industry, and rely on alliances, leading enterprises, universities, and research institutes to build a public service platform.
  • Encourage participation of leading enterprises in the formulation of international standards, national standards, and industry standards, actively adopt advanced foreign standards for the business wear industry.
  • Improvement of industrial technology content and production technology level.
  • Subsidize product quality inspection fees, support organizations for business related activities.
  • Encourage to carry out business training activities, cultivate professional exhibitions for professional wear in Quanzhou.

For design-driven orders exceeding 1 million yuan for a single model, after approval by the municipal industry and information technology department, a reward of 10,000 yuan will be given to the design unit for each model, but this subsidy for the same model will not be repeated.

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