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Pre-Reduced Indigo (Indigo Blue 60%) – Material Safety Data

Material Safety Data

Product Name : Pre-Reduced Indigo; Chemical Nature : Indigo Blue Grains 60%; Color Index Name : Reduced Vat Blue 1 T.S.C.A; Appearance: Powder & Grains; Color: Blue; Odor : Odorless; Solubility in Water : Soluble; pH : Alkaline; Bulk Density : Approximately 400 kg/m3.Fire or Explosive Hazards : Harmful vapors. Evolution of fumes/fog. The substances/groups of substances can be released in case of fire. Fire Extinguishing Media : Water spray, dry extinguishing media, foam. Carbon dioxide (for safety reasons) is not a suitable extinguishing media.

Precautions : Wear a self-contained breathing apparatus; Avoid whirling up the material/product because of the danger of dust explosion. The degree of risk is governed by the burning substance and the fire conditions. Contaminated extinguishing water must be disposed of in accordance with official regulations; Avoid breathing dust; inhalation may cause coughing and sneezing. Avoid contact with skin or eyes, will discolor the skin; Wash thoroughly after handling.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures : Eye Contact – Wash affected eyes for at least 15 minutes under running water with eyelids held open. Skin Contact – Wash thoroughly with soap & water. Ingestion – Rinse mouth and then drink plenty of water.

Emplovee Protection Recommendations : Eye Protection – Safety glasses with side-shields (frame goggles). Skin Protection – Chemical resistant protective gloves e.g. nitrile rubber (0.4 mm), chloroprene rubber (0.5 mm), polyvinylchloride (0.7mm). Manufacturer’s directions for use should be observed because of great diversity of types. Due to the coloring properties of the product closed work clothes (coveralls) should be used in order to avoid stains during manipulation. Respiratory Protection – Suitable respiratory protection for lower concentrations or short term effect: Particle filter Type P2, medium efficiency, (solid and liquid particles of harmful substances). Ventilation – Local. Other – Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice.

Ecological Information : Well eliminable from water by absorption on activated sludge. The product is not very soluble in water and can thus be removed from water mechanically in suitable effluent treatment plants. Other adverse effects – Absorbable organically-bound halogen (AOX): 2.5%. This product contains according to the formulation, organically bound halogen. It can increase the AOX-value in the water purification plants overflow or if it reaches waters. The product contains: 8,8 W /W% copper. The heavy metals are present in complex bound form as substantial constituent of the colorant. The inhibition of the degradation activity of activated sludge is not anticipated when introduced to biological treatment plants in appropriate low concentrations.

Application of Pre-Reduced Indigo

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