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Shirt Finisher : VEIT 8326 Premium

Veit 8326 Premium is a high-performance shirt finisher used primarily for laundries and textile care plants and also in the garment industry. As compared to its predecessor model, a lot of details regarding the airflow are improved and blowing power is increased. Drying performance is considerably higher now.

The full-length foot pedal makes operations much easier, because you always have both hands free to place the shirt or the cuffs.Height adjustment of the hem tensioning device is automatically controlled by a photocell. The standard adjustable re-stretching function stretches the garment during steaming to improve the finishing result. The hem tensioning device is operated through an electrical tooth belt (Belt-Drive-System). Any movement can thus be exactly defined – unlike the more imprecise movements of a pneumatic cylinder. This effectively prevents overstretching and damage of your garments.

The pneumatic side vent fixing device is not only used for side vents but generally helps to fix shirt seams for wrinkle-free side seams.

By touching the screen, you can adjust the bust to the correct width – again, pneumatically controlled. (No shoulder adjustment for size S bust.)

The special drop-shaped pneumatic sleeve tensioners finish your cuffs mark-free, making all touch-up work redundant. A cuff press that irons cuffs directly at the machine is optionally available.

Process a wide variety of garments in different sizes, shapes and materials with this flexible machine efficiently and at a high quality level – at an excellent price/performance ratio with a short pay-off period.

Key benefits :

Retractable clamp : The retractable clamp and the low height of the machine make loading and unloading much easier. This, in turn, increases productivity and – together with the special form bust with integrated suction – leads to the best possible finishing result.

Control panel with touch screen (VEITouch) : With the new intuitive touch screen panel VEITouch, operating the machine is easy also for unskilled staff. All relevant parameters are clearly shown on the display and can be changed by simply touching the icon. A status display will always show the next step when loading the garment, so that unskilled workers can easily and effectively work with the machine. The integrated counter will show the current performance status of the shirt finisher.

Flexible sleeve tensioners : Universal use: The shirt finisher can be used for short sleeved and long sleeved shirts thanks to the universal cuff tensioning devices. Cycle times are short since there is no shift key.

Major Options :

Moisture Control : Up to now, drying times had to be manually adjusted to each shirt, or a longer drying time was selected to make sure all types of shirts are sufficiently dried. VEIT has now developed the world’s first automatic drying sensor for shirts (patent pending). This moisture control can measure the shirt’s dryness and switches off the blower as soon as the shirt is completely dry.

Benefits :

1.     Much shorter cycle times (depending on type of fabric)
2.     Considerable energy savings.
3.     No waste of energy – only the energy needed for drying is used!
4.     Lower cost per piece because of energy savings
5.     Less heat radiated to the surroundings

eMotion Condensate System : Steam traps always cause some losses – their extent depend on the type of condensate trap. A certain amount of steam and condensate escape.

The new condensate system regulates steam separation through set parameters to prevent any steam from escaping. This, in turn, reduces losses and allows the use of a smaller steam generator to operate the machine. When used with eMotion Condensate System, a steam generator of only 20 kW is enough to operate the VEIT 8326 Shirt Finisher and the VEIT 8905 Collar-and-Cuff-Press, with only a moderate increase in drying times.

Cuff-tuck-press : The optionally available cuff-tuck-press finishes the cuff creases directly on the machine, so that no touch-up work is necessary in this part of the garment.

Heat recovery : A heat recovery system is optionally available. It reduces energy consumption by twenty to thirty per cent. The heat generated by the machine is caught under a big hood above the machine and then gets redirected into the machine through a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger dries the humidity that is emitted into the environment when drying the fabric. This increases the drying temperature, which in turn leads to shorter processing times. Also, the residual heat can be channelled to the outside in order to get a better climate in your shop.

Benefits :

1.     Major energy savings by recycling of heating energy
2.     Lower cost per piece through reduced energy costs
3.     Reduced unwanted heating up of surroundings
4.     Improved work climate for the operator thanks to suctioning of hot air
5.     Less humidity in the room because of heat exchanger
6.     Residual heat can be channelled to the exterior

Automatic Unloading : The optionally available unloading station allows an even higher productivity and a perfect flow of goods. A hanger is first given into the slotted bust and the hook hung into the unloading rail. Then load the shirt and start the finishing process. At the end of the cycle, the hanger with the shirt is automatically taken out and then slides towards the operator so that he can close the buttons.

Contact details :

Ramsons VEIT (P) Ltd. (For Garment Industry)
No. 3 B Bommasandra Industrial Area
Anekal Taluk, Bangalore 562 158 India
Contact Person : Mr. Sri Ramaswamy
Ph+91(80)7833133 Email : [email protected]

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