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Wallbarn Pro-Grass Biotextile

Wallbarn pro-grass biotextile is an ingenious new way to promote growth of grass and other plants on landscaping or roof gardens.

2013-08-02_192130Pro-grass is a biodegradable fabric, pre-sown with seeds and granulated fertilizer which is laid onto prepared soil, helping to establish plant growth in often hard to sow areas. In areas such as road cuttings, river banks and roof gardens, sowing seeds in awkward areas can often prove difficult. This lightweight, flexible fabric is simply laid onto the soil and secured to stop wind uplift. The seed mix contained within the biotextile fabric will germinate whilst being protected from the elements and birds, enabling a stronger, more consistent growth of grass. It also leads to a faster, easier way of sowing seeds on large landscape areas, such as golf courses, parks and lawns.


Wallbarn pro-grass ideal for golf courses, parklands, road and railway cuttings, riverbanks and roof gardens

Because the seed mix and fertilizer is impregnated into the fabric, there is little risk of erosion. Therefore, lush vegetation growth can be achieved even on very steep slopes. The fabric itself acts as a mulch in the early stages of germination; and will degrade over a period of four to five months, by which time the grass will be properly established into the soil.

Wallbarn Pro-grass can be manufactured with either a rye grass or wild flower seed mix as standard. For more demanding climate conditions or specific vegetation specifications designers can select their own “bespoke” seed mix for inclusion in the material (subject to technical approval from our landscaping advisors).

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