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DTV and MaxTex to work together


maxtexThe German Textile Cleaning Association and the MaxTex Association have agreed to work more closely together in the future. Together they want to meet new challenges with regard to the textile supply chain.

The German Textile Cleaning Association (DTV) is now a member of the MaxTex Association – and vice versa. This was agreed by the interest groups at the beginning of the year.

With this step, both networks want to exchange ideas more closely and thus
benefit from each other . The focus is on a current topic: the textile supply chain. New standards at national and European level pose challenges for the textile industry.

MaxTex and DTV now want to face them together.

Close exchange of knowledge

With the cooperation, MaxTex participates, for example, in the DTV working group “Corporate Social
Responsibility” (CSR). The specialist group develops strategies with which companies
can work in an environmentally conscious manner and is also committed to ensuring that this sustainable commitment is perceived by the public. The DTV is understood there own words as an intermediary between the textile services industry and the supply chain. This goal is getting closer with the cooperation: MaxTex knows the side of the manufacturer. For the network, in turn, the textile care industry plays an important role in the supply chain: textile service providers connect manufacturers and end customers. This includes, for example, the decision to use sustainably produced textiles in hotels, clinics or industrial companies.

MaxTex sees itself as a forum for experts, decision-makers and visionaries in the field of textile management.

According to its own information, the association pursues the goal of strengthening the sustainable development of the industry. Members include companies from the textile and clothing industry, textile service providers and start-ups, including Bierbaum-Proenen and the Greif Group. In addition to working together in the working group, the members of both organizations should also be able to exchange ideas in the future – for example in the newly founded MaxTex Academy for Sustainable Textiles.

(Courtesy: rw-textilservice)


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