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Footwear gets the final suspension of tariffs in the United States


The Government has announced the Joint declaration of the United States with Spain and five other European countries by which they commit not to activate any type of commercial retaliation for the digital tax.

This implies one definitive suspension of the proposal to increase tariffs from 25% to 12 tariff items for footwear, and other Spanish products that were also affected.

The agreement signed on October 8 at the OECD has made it easier to reach one solution decisive for all involved. According to the. Joint statement, European countries that already had the digital rate can maintain it until 2023. On this date they commit to adopt the digital taxation agreement reached in the OECD.

The United States Government proposed this tariff increases on March 26, 2021 since in the framework of the 301 investigation of the Digital Rate, it considered that the Tax on Certain Digital Services in Spain represents a grievance for state-owned companies. On June 2, 2021, the United States confirmed the measure, but immediately put it on hold for a period of 180 days, that is, until November 29, 2021. From the first moment FICE, with the coworking and support of its territorial associations and footwear companies, it mobilized to curb a measure that seriously damaged its commercial activity in the United States.

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