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Gallery Fashion & Shoes will maintain the integrated format in the future

The first industry fair held in Germany in the days of covid-19 has managed to exceed their expectations: “There has been a much higher influx of public than we expected,” says Ulrike Kähler , project manager and CEO of Igedo Company .

As a whole, the platform showed 40% of fashion and accessories and 60% of footwear from a total of 300 exhibitors (with some 550 brands), of which 46% were German and the remaining 54% international.

Fusion of formats in the future

Igedo Imagevideo Gallery FASHION/Gallery SHOES 2020

As one of the first trade fairs after the Corona lockdown, the FASHION & SHOES gallery took place on the Böhler area in Düsseldorf.

This special format with the joint presentation of fashion, footwear and accessories will serve as a model for the future. Igedo Company plans to apply this concept to the usual four trade fair dates per year in Düsseldorf. “This event has shown us that professional shoppers are being inspired by our comprehensive overview of fashion, footwear and accessories, even under the current circumstances,”  says Ulrike Kähler.

“The fact that brands are now presented in a general context and not only within their own segment has generated mostly positive comments , ” he adds to justify the decision of Igedo Company .

Boris Becker collection presentation at Gallery FASHION & SHOES: Unfortunately, his sporting successes are a bit behind – now the German tennis legend Boris Becker is trying again with fashion. The last collection came out about 15 years ago – now a new, fairly complete collection with a new partner. Presented at the Gallery FASHION & SHOES on the Böhler area.

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