A project that, bucking the trends of the European textile market, is constantly growing and in a few years was able to positioned itself among the world leaders in the production and sale of yarns, and woven and knit fabrics. Prerequisites of our project are high specialization and peculiar attention to the human factor: the corporate philosophy is based on the belief that the most modern technologies, the pursuit of quality perfection, the high availability of raw-materials and final products are not enough for assuring constant growth if not supported by great enthusiasm, passion and dedication in which all those taking an active part in the project have been involved, i.e. all the 2.000 people employed at E.Miroglio.
The distinguishing characteristic that has allowed E.Miroglio to include among its customers almost all big world brands is a constant and systematic ability of being propositive. In a market that cannot afford only two seasonal presentations any longer, but that has to continuously renew its own offer, E. Miroglio is an ideal partner, for its products but also its colour range, which represents an increasingly crucial factor for success.

The Two Brands:

– Fabric Division, with the MIROGLIO LANA brand, woolen and worsted fabrics, knit fabrics, for women and for men, and also a corporate line.
– Yarn Division, with the brands EM FILATI, RAUMER and SVILOSA YARN, classic and fancy knitting yarns, woven yarns, worsted, woolen and cotton spun yarns.


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