FILATI NATURALI, together with Pecci Filati, constitute a production center of excellence (Manifattura Pecci 1884) in the production of yarns, they embody the experience and inherit the values of one of the most representative companies in the history of the Prato textile district: the Lanificio Pecci. Over a century of entrepreneurship that intertwines its evolution with that of Made in Italy in the world, as an expression of excellence of Prato textiles. A century of expertise constitutes a differential that cannot be improvised.

The explicit quality of high-end materials to redefine the new contemporary classic of excellence. This is the mission of the Filati Naturali brand, which focuses on research on raw materials and on the evolution of carding.

In recent evolutions in clothing consumption, there has been a growing trend towards the recognition and appreciation of the intrinsic quality of products by the most advanced and exclusive segment of the market.

In this context, the consolidated skills of a company make the difference being the ability to select materials and the ability to preserve and develop manufacturing processes that originate in the culture of the textile elements that cannot be replicated without years of experience.
It is in this context that Filati Naturali’s range of high-end yarns takes its place, whose focus is on the quality of the raw materials, on the excellence of the workmanship and on the ability to direct the offer by integrating it into the most current trends in high-end fashion. range.

A specialization that lives entirely in the context of the most authentic Made in Italy and that begins with the experience in the initial selection of the material, continues with the competence in the transformation phase of it aimed at enhancing the qualitatively best part, is completed with the sensitivity in matching the yarn offer to the most demanding part of the fashion market.

The value of love and commitment to naturalness is reflected throughout the supply chain, understood both as protection and respect for the environment and as a preciousness linked to the purity of the material. A mission pursued through the interpretation of a concept of Intimate Luxury connected more to a tactile, inner perception and personal pleasure than to an ephemeral display.


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