Stoll Italia, based in Carpi (province of Modena), is the subsidiary of the German manufacturer “STOLL”, and has been a strong reference for the Italian market since 1989. STOLL is an international leader in the production of innovative flat knitting machines, part of the Karl Mayer Group since July 2020.

The mission of Stoll Italia is not only to continue to satisfy the demand of the fashion market, but also setting new targets addressed to other sectors. Thanks to the peculiarities of knitwear, the intent is to offer new solutions within a constantly evolving context.

The machines technology, combined with the experience in the use of various materials, allows Stoll Italia to act as a consultant for companies, supporting them in the research and development of tailor-made solutions, whatever the sector may/might be: medical, footwear, sports, automotive, interior design, lighting, safety garments, and much more.

Several brands and leading companies already relied on Stoll Italia to carry out innovative projects, receiving a guarantee of maximum confidentiality during the whole process. Once the “cross-design” project is finished, the company continues to support customers with a wide network of reliable partners, who can be involved in the production phases.

The large archive of prototypes, collected in over thirty years at the Carpi headquarter, provides creative ideas and inspiration to designers in the fashion industry and beyond. The samples of the archive are provided of “knitting programs” complete of information about the employed yarns, from which studies and projects can start. An extensive online archive can be consulted at any time: www.patternshop.stoll.com