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Durable Vinyl Mesh Fabrics

vinyl mesh fabric for outdoors

Durable Vinyl Mesh Fabrics: Ideal for Transport, Horse Rug, and Pool Fence

What is Vinyl Mesh?

Vinyl Mesh Fabric is also called PVC vinyl fabric or vinyl-coated polyester mesh.

Speaking of Vinyl Mesh, we must start with the core spun yarn. Core spun yarn made with a special covering structure. Most of them take polyester(PET) as the core and the outside layer coat with vinyl (usually called PVC, a kind of plastic) for extra strength, making polyester fiber isolate any moisture completely. So vinyl mesh is an excellent durable fabric with a great range of outdoor applications, available in different weights(denier), dense( how many yarns per inch), and strengths(tenacity).

vinyl mesh fabric PET plus PVC

Features of Vinyl Mesh Fabric:

  • Bright color, non-fading, and anti-corrosive.
  • Competitive, affordability, and reasonable prices.
  • Lightweight but durable, high tenacity, stability, and long performance life.
  • Ease of processing, nontoxic, and chemical resistance.
  • Water resistant, fuel resistant, anti-UV, and clean easily.
  • Good ventilation, a smooth surface, and is easy to sew on.

Recommend Uses of Vinyl Mesh Fabric:

  • Interior/Exterior Solar Screen
  • Furniture
  • Cushion/Pillow
  • Roller Shade
  • Roman Blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Sun lounger
  • Breathable Panels
  • Sofa
  • Covering
  • Pool Fence
  • Truck Tarps
  • Horse Rug
  • Hurricane Protection

What is Transport Mesh? Why does the truck driver need a transport tarp?

truck driver need a transport tarp

If you are a professional truck driver, you may probably hear it or even use it now. This high-quality net is perfectly adapted for covering skips transporting all types of material/waste. Even when you’re moving fast on the road or there are high winds, using a transport mesh makes it easier and safer to transport loads. Truck mesh tarps offer a durable lightweight mesh option that provides good air circulation and secure containment. It helps secure all shapes and sizes of cargo for worry-free transport without escape and possible injury. The multi-color PVC mesh truck tarps are the industry standard truck tarp material.

What is Horse Rug? Why does your horse need a mesh horse rug in summer?

mesh hose rug

A horse rug is a protective covering that a horse wears in various situations. Flies and midges pose a challenge during the summer. The horse may suffer from swelling, inflammation, and even skin diseases after getting bitten. Designed to give your horse full protection from insects this breathable mesh fabric covers the horse to allow freedom of movement. Manufactured from 1000×1000 Denier Textilene fabric, it will withstand fading, mildew, and soiling and will also withstand rough wear and tear. Tips: Colour plays an important part in insect repelling. As is known, bright colors have more effective performance than dark colors.

What is Pool Fence?

Having a swimming pool in your courtyard is a joy, but it is also a responsibility. Safety is the main responsibility of owning a pool. According to research, roughly ten people die every day due to unintentional drowning, and two of those are children.

Pool Fence for Safety

The pool fence is the basic pool safety precaution that prevents anyone from accidentally wandering into your pool and drowning. In some places even required by law. Vinyl mesh is a hard-wearing, long-lasting, all-weather fabric specifically designed for outdoor use. Tightly woven mesh fabric Increases the visibility of mesh pool fences.


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