With a global array of premium fabric and thread solutions focused on innovation, sustainability and quality craftsmanship, Elevate Textiles provides products that surround us every day and in all facets of life. We offer advanced, high quality products and mission critical textile solutions across vast industries including fashion and functional apparel, footwear, military, fire, medical, athletic, automotive, aerospace, outdoor, and other specialty sectors.

Contact: Mark Hatton
Address: 22 American Street, Mt. Holly, NC 28120
Telephone: 704.827.4311       Fax: 704.827.2060
Email:[email protected]
Company size (# of employees): 9,250
Are you currently exporting? (If yes, where?) The Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia
Are you using any Free Trade Agreements or Preference Programs? Which one? NAFTA, CAFTA-DR
Do you have design capabilities? No
Do you have warehousing capabilities? Yes
Additional Company Information: A&E is the largest U.S. manufacturer and the world’s second-largest manufacturer and distributor of premium quality industrial and consumer sewing thread, embroidery thread and technical TEXTILEs. Through its global network, A&E’s products are manufactured in 21 countries, distributed in 50 countries and sold in over 100 countries. A&E is a recognized industry leader in environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and operates its global facilities with the utmost regard for the safety and health of its associates employed worldwide. A&E owns or operates 27 manufacturing facilities and employs over 9,000 associates around the world directly or in partnership with joint venture partners.

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Sewing & Embroidery Threads and Technical TEXTILEs

Trims and Embellishments
Wholly Made or Partially Made in U.S.A: Products Wholly Made in U.S.A.
Production Locations: NC
What certifications do you have? ISO 9001, ISO.TS16949, OEKO-TEX, CTPAT
Additional Product Information: A&E produces high quality, high performance industrial sewing threads, embroidery threads and technical yarns and cords

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