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MATHIS AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of exceptionally high quality machines and finishings for the dyeing laboratory. Many years of experience and close contact to renowned companies in the textile sector are the pre-requisites for the development and construction of practice-oriented laboratory machines. MATHIS AG has been cultivating these contacts since it was formed. The global application of Mathis laboratory machines in the textile, chemical and dyeing industries, as well as exceptional customer loyality, provide MATHIS AG with further credentials as regards their high level of technical competence. Innovative and practice-oriented.
Our engineers and technicians also stay in close contact with research institutes and development departments. This way they are aware of the latest innovations in the various industries and can introduce them in the construction of new laboratory machines. Together with our customers we look for the best solution for the optimum application of our machines in the dyeing laboratory.


• Beaker dyeing system LABOMAT type BFA
• Labdryer/-coater type LTE / LTE-S
• Colorstar type Cj / CB / CF
• Spectrophotometric analysis of dye bath – SMART LIQUOR
• Thermolising Range type HVF – KTF
• Mini Pad Steam Range type TPS
• Horizontal / Vertical padder type HVF
• Universal steamer type DH / DHe
• Overflow jet dyeing system type JFO / JFP
• Printing table type SILK-B

Flagship product

Labdryer/-coater type LTE/LTE-S: LABDRYER type LTE, for all drying, setting and thermolising processes. Oving to its minimal space requirement, the LTE can be used both in mill laboratories and in research institutes. LABCOATER type LTE-S, the optimum combination of dryer and laboratory coating table. Various kinds of material samples are coated in the same run and heat treated. The coating is applied either by floating, roller or rubber blanket knife. Multiple coatings which do not require re-loading are also possible.

Mathis AG
Rütisbergstrasse 3
CH-8156 Oberhasli

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