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Ing. A. Maurer S.A. is originally specialized in supply of technology, equipment and services for viscose (regenerated cellulosic fibre) and chemical plants. Technologies for traditional Viscose Process: Staple Fiber, Continuous Filament/Yarn, Casing, Films/Cellophane, Sponge. For the scope of: Viscose Dope Preparation, Spinning/Stretching/Cutting/Treatment/Drying/Bailing or Winding, Spin bath Preparation and Spin bath Circulation, Carbon Disulphide (CS2) Recovery, Waste Air Treatment. And Carbon Disulphide Production (CS2 HTP).


  • Worldwide experience since 1923 in the regenerated cellulosic fibre industry
  • Only provider of engineering and equipment over the complete value chain.
  • Customized Equipment from laboratory to industrial scale
  • Customized Engineering
  • Capability to handle a wide range of products and services with different background.
  • Keeping the holistic view whilst still elaborating details properly.

Flagship product

Automated Spinneret Cleaning Machine

  • High resistant and durable construction with high corrosion resistance materials (especially for the chromic acid washing step / tank).
  • High end automation and robotics technology for reliable operation.

Ing. A. Maurer SA
Worblentalstrasse 33
CH-3063 Ittigen

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