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RETECH Aktiengesellschaft


RETECH – the expert at drawing your fibres to perfection and monitoring your yarn tension!
For more than 40 years, Retech has been developing and producing components and installations for processing of synthetic filaments mainly in the field of thermal and mechanical treatment.
RETECH offers complete solutions coming either as stand-alone concepts or fully integrated as a retro-fit or upgrade of existing equipment. As the leading global player and trendsetter in its field, RETECH products are used by OEM and end users worldwide.


• Heated Godets/Rolls
• Unheated/ambient Godets/Rolls
• Active cooled Godets/Rolls
• Plate Heaters/Ovens
• Air Bearing Separator Rolls
• Temperature Controllers
• Temperature Transmitters
• Yarn Tension Sensors
• On-Line Tension Monitoring Systems
• Custom built Draw Stands

Flagship product

Heated Godet: Heated Godet for high end applications, multi zone heated, high temperatures (up to 350°C), high draw forces, up to 6000 m/min., various dimensions (diameter / length).

RETECH Aktiengesellschaft
Lindenmattstrasse 16
CH-5616 Meisterschwanden

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