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“Industry 4.0” is the New Buzzword For Factories of the Future

Industry 4.0 includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud and cognitive computing. (Source: Wikipedia) Image Credit: Christoph Roser

“Industry 4.0” is the new buzzword becoming very fashionable, and hence, considerably over used. The credit for coining this iconic word goes to Siemens at the Hanover Messe in 2015. Industry 4.0 – also termed as the 4th generation of the industrial revolution – marks the beginning of a new era. It essentially represents the digital transformation of traditional industries like manufacturing to intelligent factories with the advancements in automation, advanced materials3D printingartificial intelligenceaugmented realitycobots (collaborative and robots). Adaptive and ergonomic production lines, intelligent robots and integrated energy systems – all parts of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – are increasingly making it possible for companies, in practically every industrial and manufacturing sector, to digitize their operations. This digital transformation is enabling them to become 24×7 connected intelligent factories. The computerization of traditional industries, like manufacturing, i.e. their transition to intelligent factories, is going to be the key to their survival in a couple of years from now. Continue reading “Industry 4.0” is the New Buzzword For Factories of the Future