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Switzerland’s Textiles and Clothing Industry: List of Top Manufacturers

A product of St. Gallen, Switzerland based Akris

A product of St. Gallen, Switzerland based Akris

Switzerland’s textiles and clothing industry focuses on the development, manufacture and distribution of high-quality products, in both the clothing and home textile segments, as well as in the field of technical textiles. The industry also provides a variety of services. In the past few decades, the world of textiles and clothing has been transformed into a global industry. The Swiss textiles sector comprises numerous small and medium-sized companies that carry out research, development and/or production on site in Switzerland.

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In terms of international pricing competition, Switzerland does not stand a chance when it comes to standard products because of the high costs. In the past few decades, Swiss companies have had to find ways to stand out and to react more quickly and be more inventive than their international competitors. Many companies have evolved into globally operating providers of niche products.

During the year under review, the focus was entirely on re-covering from the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Companies were hampered by delayed deliveries and supply interruptions, and subsequently by high transport and raw material prices, which resulted in pressure on their margins.
The clearly discernible price increases for the production of textiles are being felt all over the world. They concern not only raw materials, but also chemicals and energy. Despite these challenges, the general business situation and order volume, including demand for services from clothing and textiles companies, improved in the course of last year to reach the level recorded prior to the outbreak of the pan- demic. Clothing exports rose slightly versus the prior year, a trend that can be attributed to increased consumer demand from Italy, Germany and the USA. By contrast, exports of textiles remained below the prior-year level.

List of Top Manufacturers of Switzerland’s Textiles and Clothing Industry

wdt_ID Company Address Phone Email Wesite Area of Activity
1 À MA CHÈRE AG à ma chère AG Torgasse 4 (beim Bellevue) 8001 Zürich +41 43 456 30 00 [email protected] http://www.a-ma-chere.ch/ Accessories Clothing Design Fabric Trade Manufacturer Outdoor/Sport Embroidery
2 ACUNDIS AG Acundis AG Merkurstrasse 4 9000 St. Gallen +41 71 222 77 33 [email protected] http://www.acundis.com/ Design Trade Home Textiles Home Textiles Embroidery Lingerie and Loungewear
3 AIRWORK & HELISEILEREI GMBH AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH Bahnhofweg 1 6405 Immensee +41 41 420 49 64 [email protected] http://www.air-work.swiss/ Manufacturer Rope and Lifting Technology Transport
4 AJOTEX SA Ajotex SA Route de Coeuve 37-41 2900 Porrentruy +41 32 465 89 89 [email protected] http://www.ajotex-sous-vetements.ch/ Fabric Manufacturer Lingerie and Loungewear
5 AKRIS AG PRÊT-À-PORTER Akris AG Prêt-à-Porter Felsenstrasse 40 9001 St. Gallen +41 71 227 77 22 [email protected] http://www.akris.com/ Clothing Design Manufacturer
6 ALBERS & CO AG Albers & Co AG Schanzengasse 14 8032 Zürich +41 44 265 29 01 [email protected] http://www.albers-coag.com/
7 ALBIRO AG ALBIRO AG Dorfgasse 14 3454 Sumiswald +41 34 432 33 33 [email protected] https://albiro.com/ Workwear Design Manufacturer Outdoor/Sport
8 ALDO NAEGELI AG Aldo Naegeli AG Hauptstrasse 174 8272 Ermatingen +41 71 664 15 55 [email protected]
9 ALGO SA Algo SA Badenerstrasse 274 (Im Hof) 8004 Zürich +41 44 240 41 66 [email protected] http://www.algoofswitzerland.com/ Clothing Design Manufacturer
10 ALUMO AG Alumo AG Zielstrasse 38 9050 Appenzell +41 71 788 91 55 [email protected] http://www.alumo.ch/ Clothing Design Fabric Trade
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