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French Technology for Functional Clothing

Technology Available for Functional Clothing (Technical Textiles)
Lyon Science Transfert – Université de Lyon,
Quartier Sergent Blandan
37, rue du repos 69361 Lyon cedex 07 France

CLICK-TEX : Thermostable and non hydrolysable functionalization of technical textiles through nanoparticles

An academic French laboratory (Université de Lyon) has developed a new method to functionalize technical textiles through nanoparticles. Complex nanoparticules are grafted by chemical reaction in a sustainable way. This method leads to give UV protection or bactericide properties for cosmetic and dermato smart textile. Unlike other methods, this one allows to functionalize textile in one step and reduce loss of particles during the reaction. Cosmetic, dermato textiles and technical textiles manufacturer are sought as industrial partners/technical license agreement/cooperation. Patent(s) applied for in France.

Technical textiles with specific functions are usually obtained by adsorption of microcapsules. The laboratory has developed a new method based on the “click chemistry” to graft sustainably hybrid multifunctional nanoparticles on textile fibres. The “click chemistry” reaction, developed by the laboratory, leads to irreversible formation of triazole cycle in organic or aqueous medium with quantitative yields. Sustainable functionalization of cellulosic fibres is made by thermostable and non hydrolysable covalent binding.

Complex chemical structures such as polymeric nanoparticles can be grafted. Technical textiles obtained are more resistant to washes and keep their function when worn. Multifunctionalization will allow online quality control of production by simple validation of fluorescence level.

Innovative Aspects :

  • sustainable grafting of functionalized nanoparticles encapsulating metal and oxides, fluorophores or other products.
  • thermostable (over 300°C) and non hydrolysable covalent binding.
  • possibility of multifunctionalization in one step.
  • “click chemistry”: process without loss of particles (high yield) in any reaction medium, non toxic and without heating.
  • specific area of activity : Cosmetic, dermato textiles and technical textiles manufacturer. Task to be performed : Development of specific applications as per the specifications of the industrial partners.
  • UV protection function : grafting of TiO2 polysiloxan coated nanoparticles on textile fibres. Well-being function linked to bacteriostatic properties and optical filters: grafting of nanoplatforms encapsulating antibacterial drugs and/or optical filters (Ag, Au, TiO2, ZnO…) on underwear, socks, towels, wash gloves, etc..

Contact details :

Nelly Gimenez (Intellectual property Applications) Email : [email protected]

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