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Xennia Osiris : Ultra high throughput digital textile printer

The Xennia Osiris ultra high throughput digital textile printer is designed for printing of fashion and furnishing fabrics with unrivalled productivity, reliability and cost per print, providing an excellent solution for low cost digital textile printing at short and long runs.The Xennia Osiris uses up to 8 colours (process or spot colours), and can accomodate up to 12 by request, with a print width of up to 1.85 m and print quality superior to that of rotary screen printing. Production speeds of up to 30 m/min at full coverage (equivalent to an areal coverage of up to 3,330 m2/hr or 35,845 ft2/hr) are possible. This makes the Xennia Osiris the ultimate high speed, low cost digital textile printer for fashion and furnishing fabrics at run lengths of as little as 10 metres up to more than 2000 metres with lower production costs than analogue rotary screen printing. High ink coverage allows decoration of very heavy fabrics with intense colours.

The Xennia Osiris ultra-high speed digital textile printer is supplied as a self-contained system comprising blanket motion system, highly robust fixed array industrial continuous inkjet printhead carriage, rapid change fluid controllers, substrate wind and unwind stations, in-line digital drying unit, control electronics, operating PC and software. The Xennia Osiris uses an adhesive blanket system for substrate control, including an entry roller with optional heating for temporary adhesion of the substrate. The system utilises a high accuracy, high speed servo motor for blanket motion, giving the ultimate in substrate handling and print quality. The system also includes automated plaiting or winding in readiness for steaming or washing.


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