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Did you hear that the Kebab option, which Mimaki developed for printing round objects, is named after Döner Kebap? Let ‘s look at the comments and information provided by Mimaki Europe Application Experts Rens van Haren and Pim de Vries , who answered the questions that come to mind about this printing option . Printing round objects is perhaps the most enjoyable job. Because you’re removing all boundaries to impress your customers and consumers. When we look at it, we can see so many cylindrical objects around us… Let’s see what are they?

In the midst of this global crisis, many industries and businesses operating in these sectors are facing significant challenges. The printing industry has not escaped this setback either, however… Printers who can think and move flexibly and be a little more resourceful can find ways to stay productive and profitable. One of the ways printers can continue to operate in this turbulent period is by diversifying their product portfolio. For this, it may be to find those who are less affected by what is happening and continue to grow with them. The way to do this is to offer new applications.

Like packaging. For a sign printer, the step to such a market would be a smaller step than you think. With Mimaki’s Kebab Option, of course …

Kebap Option is a modular solution for Mimaki UV inkjet flatbed printers and enables printers to print on cylindrical objects easily and effectively. This brings you new customers and new offers. The ability to print round surfaces gives freedom to your ideas and opens up new application opportunities in different market segments and industries, including packaging and interior decoration.

Mimaki Europe Application Experts Rens van Haren and Pim de Vries offer an insight into how the Kebab option – from design to actual production, works and how it is possible to achieve it. What you will read below is not actually a technical analysis….

Extraordinary tips that could be the key to overcoming today’s market challenges.

Can you tell us the Mimaki’s Kebab Option?

Mimaki’s Kebab Option is a separate module designed to increase the application capabilities of Mimaki’s UV inkjet flatbed printers. Equipped with rotating rollers, the module can be easily mounted on the printer’s desk and provides 360-degree direct printing on cylindrical objects, including glass bottles, aluminum pots, stainless steel cups, decorative candles and more.

This solution makes it possible and economical to develop innovative product lines as well as produce on-demand original products in short or individual runs.

Which Mimaki printers are suitable for use with the Kebab Option?

Actually, there are different models of Kebab Option. The original Kebab model is compatible with Mimaki’s UJF-3042HG and UJF-6042 flatbed UV printers. The newest models, Kebab MkII and Kebab MkIIL, which differ in size – are designed for use with UJF-3042MkII and UJF-3042MkII EX and UJF-6042MkII, UJF-7151 plus respectively.

What kind of three-dimensional objects can be printed with the Kebap Option? Are there any limitations?

Kebab Option can be used to print on cylindrical objects with diameters from 10 mm to 110 mm and a maximum weight of 2 kilos. In terms of size, the small Kebab unit can print on objects with a maximum width of 300mm, while the large Kebab unit can print on objects with a maximum width of 600mm.

This size and weight range covers a large number of objects that can be decorated with this solution. As stated above, users can print on cans, candles, glass containers, glasses… the list goes on.

Of course, there are some limitations when it comes to printing with the Kebab Option. It is not suitable for kebab, conical, oval and flat objects as these shapes prevent the rotating movement of the rotating cylinders. Similarly, all cylindrical objects with protruding parts such as clips, buttons, using the kebab option risk obstructing the printing or spoiling the correct results and cannot be printed as they will not follow the rotation correctly.

Which market segments can be addressed with Mimaki’s Kebab Option?

Kebab Option is an extremely versatile tool designed to suit the needs of different market segments. Probably, the promotional market with branded products and customized gifts and accessories is the most prominent.

However, when it comes to decorating three-dimensional objects, there is a wide variety of areas you can think of.

The first industry that comes to mind will always be the packaging industry looking for smart solutions that provide high-quality, cost-effective printing on glass or plastic bottles, cans, cylindrical cardboard tubes and many other cylindrical objects in different materials.

Similarly, the cosmetic industry is also an open field, where applications such as customized lipstick boxes, cosmetic tubes and jars, perfume bottles and the like are nowadays sought after.

Another interesting, but perhaps less obvious, market is interior decoration and home decor. Demand for printed candles, lamps, lamp sockets, soap dispensers and similar accessories is increasing.

Another example would be the industrial area where items such as drills, batteries, PVC tubes and fire extinguishers can be easily branded and customized using the Kebab Option.

What tools do we need to start using the Kebab Option?

To start working with the Kebab Option, users should only have a caliper and design software like Illustrator that will allow them to make the design. Of course, besides Mimaki’s RasterLink6 software, you must also have a suitable Mimaki printer… Depending on the application and the properties of the object surface, a special pre-treatment product such as applying a primer to help the ink adhere may be needed.

How long does it take to print an object with Kebab Option?

With the Kebab Option, the estimated time for a job depends on a combination of various parameters such as the size of the item, printing features and design. To give you an idea, however, you need about two minutes to print a set of lipstick cases, while it can take up to 50 minutes to decorate a bottle with a two-layer print.

Watch the video below for more inspiration and information about Mimaki’s Kebab Option and adding a range of new applications to your product offering.

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