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Alpha Nomex® from CWS: Lightweight all-round collection for heat protection

CWS-boco International GmbH, popularly known as CWS, is a system provider. "We are committed to contributing to a healthier and safer future. We operate sustainably and are involved in numerous committees for healthy, safe working and living conditions. We work for global corporations, hidden champions, medium-sized companies, craft businesses, nursing homes, emergency services, administrations, public institutions, schools, kindergartens and many more. Almost everyone knows our dirt control mats, towel and soap dispensers. For example, CWS also optimizes your washroom, creates fire protection concepts or creates and cleans business clothing. These are just some of our solutions and your options. We work for people from a wide variety of industries, advise, plan, control, repair, sort, wash, document and, and, and. And we like to do it. And sustainable."

Workwear: Protection from fireActivities in demanding work environments require the best possible protection for employees. With the plain-colored heat, flame and arcing protection clothing Alpha Nomex®, CWS is responding to the market demand for light standard protective clothing that protects workers from risks such as heat, flames, chemicals and arcing faults.
The Alpha Nomex® collection from CWS corresponds to a simple, uncomplicated, but comfortable protective clothing with high functionality, which customers from the electrical and petrochemical industries in particular want. “We are industry specialists and design our collections in close collaboration with our customers and other experts. We take wearer feedback seriously and optimize it wherever necessary, ”says Michael Stielow, Lead Group Product Management at CWS Workwear. “The new Alpha Nomex® collection ideally complements our other Multiprotect solutions, which are perfectly designed for the various industrial processes.”

Nomex® and aramid in a perfect liaison

The very light twill fabric of Alpha Nomex® protective clothing consists of 95 percent Nomex® fibers in combination with para-aramid fibers. Nomex® is an inherently flame-retardant fiber that has a high temperature resistance, does not ignite and does not melt or drip. The high-performance fiber from the manufacturer DuPont has proven itself countless times in protective clothing for firefighters, police uniforms or racing suits. Tests have shown that the clothing retains its extraordinarily good heat and flame retardant properties even after a long period of use, which is why the durable high-performance fabric is also popular with CWS customers.

The Alpha Nomex® offers the wearer protection and comfort at an excellent price-performance ratio. Classically cut, it fits perfectly and allows the necessary freedom of movement wherever it gets hot. It protects against heat, flames, sparks, welding beads, liquid metal splashes, electric arcs (4 kA), electrostatic charges, acids, bases, solvents and oil. The collection is therefore suitable for utility companies, the (petro) chemical industry and the energy sector.

The collection in detail

The collection is single-colored and available in blue and dark blue and weighs 265 g / m². It corresponds to the standards EN ISO 11612, EN 13034 type 6, EN ISO 1149-5, EN 61482-1-2 and EN ISO 11611. The Alpha Nomex® consists of a work jacket, trousers, dungarees and overall.

Alpha Nomex: The right level of protection

With the Alpha Nomex® you are opting for plain-colored, extremely light protective clothing made from twill fabric with 95 percent Nomex® fibers, which is available in two shades of blue. Nomex® is an inherently flame-retardant fiber that has a high temperature resistance and does not melt, drip or support combustion in air. Thanks to its material composition, the Alpha Nomex® offers a unique combination of protection against flames, long service life and comfort.ber that has a high temperature resistance and does not melt, drip or support combustion in air.

The advantages of Alpha Nomex

  • Many practical pocket solutions
  • Available as: work jacket, overall, waistband and dungarees
  • 2 color combinations
  • Fabric: 94% Nomex®, 5% para-aramid, 1% antistatic fiber
  • Unisex: suitable for women and men

Nomex® – the high-performance flame-retardant meta-aramid fiber that offers unparalleled heat and flame resistance.

Sustainability as a business model

Sustainable materials such as Fairtrade cotton have long been standard in our own collections. In 2019 we launched almost 300,000 items of clothing made from Fairtrade cotton. But we want more. Our workwear division is taking the next logical step with workwear and protective clothing that can be completely recycled. Since 2019, CWS has been a main member of the wear2wear ™ industry association. The partner companies jointly design and produce fully recyclable functional clothing.

We have also declared war on microplastics. Every year we avoid 31 tons by critically reviewing and improving all of our cosmetic products. “We want to become the most sustainable company in our industry by 2024”, reports Frank Reisgies, General Manager Hygiene Core Business.

The Interim Sustainability Report 2019/20 relesed by CWS-boco International GmbH (CWS) is available here.

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