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Designtex launches four ultra-chic and durable fabrics

ultra-chic and durable fabrics

Pictured above from left to right: Glimmer, Nook, Standard, Velvet Corduroy.

Designtex has launched four ultra-chic and durable fabrics that look and feel like silk and velvet, but they’re tough enough to be used in any environment. These four aesthetically versatile textiles include: Glimmer which has the subtle, metallic glow of raw silk, but it’s decked out in a tough topcoat that stands up to whatever comes its way;  Nook, the hybrid textile with a silicone finish, is an affordable, sustainable solution that allows soft-looking fabrics to play hard; Standard has a geometric pattern that can play the lead or the perfect complement. The woven texture has a touch of fine wool that is ready for anything. Velvet Corduroy is a plush, on-trend, luxe performer. It has a high-pile profile that is soft but tough.



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