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India – Kenya Building New Opportunities for Growth in Textile and Machinery


India ITME Society, the non-profit apex industry body from India organized “India Networking Programme” at Nairobi, Kenya on Friday, 16th September 2022 to promote the 11th edition of India ITME which is to be held in India Exposition Mart Limited, Greater Noida, U.P, from 8th – 13th December 2022.

Kenya today is focused on its developing value chain. There is an abundance of raw materials so Kenya can strategically partner with India for gaining experience not only for developing strong dominance in the spinning segment but also encash on the excellent state of art machinery manufactured by the Indian players. It is an opportunity not only for India but also for Kenya to bring in investment from India by showcasing its strong roots & culture in textiles & channelling investors & big players from India for growth & expansion of all.


Amb. Isaiya Kabira, Director General International Conferences, Media Events and Public Communications – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya welcomed the Indian delegations & offered support to future endeavors of India ITME Society & he expressed interest in mounting an official delegation from Kenya would be keen to visit India ITME Exhibition in December 2022 to explore further synergies between India & Kenya.

2022-09-21_112910H.E. Mr. Rohit Vadhwana, Deputy High Commissioner & DPR to UNEP & UN-HABITAT said: ”India has achieved strength in Textile industry & has developed policies and various schemes to promote both Traditional Textile craft as well as compete globally in modern clothing requirements. He highlighted that how Kenya can benefit from collaboration & cooperation with Indian Textile & Textile Engineering sector to generate employment skill development for youth & encourage investment from Indian business”..

Kenya has strong roots in the textile Industry & for years has been an entry point for sea trade & transport from Asian & Arabian countries. The textiles & apparel export in FY2021 has grown by 5% as compared to FY2017 however its imports in FY2021 have also increased by 10%. The market is driven by the imports of Man-Made fibers having a share of more than 97% in total fiber imports having recorded worth US$ 73.3 Mn in FY2021. With a strong taste for fashion and skills the country in terms of value addition is directly exporting the end product i.e. garmenting, From the preliminary look, the country is having an excellent textile background with few missing lines where India & Kenya strategic alliance can play a major role.

Kenya imports most of its textile engineering and technology requirements. Its imports were highest in FY2018 recording purchases worth US$ 41.88Mn where spinning machinery was alone accountable for 28% of purchases followed by weaving and processing machinery. The imports of US$ 18.53Mn in FY2021 showed more inclination towards import of garmenting 35% share and processing machinery having a share of 31%. Spinning machinery one of the promising sector accounted for a 5% share. Majority of the machines around 44% were imported from China. India is the second highest exporter of textile machinery with a share of 29% showing the strong presence of India in the Kenya market.

2022-09-21_112929From Left to Right: Ms. Seema Srivastava, Executive Director, India ITME Society, Ms. Claire Terigin, General Manager, Investment & Corporate Communications, Export Promotion Zone Authority, (EPZA) Shri Rohit Vadhwana, Deputy High Commissioner of India in Kenya and The Deputy Permanent Representative of India to the UNEP and UN-Habitat, Ms. Patricia B. A. Aruwa, Deputy Director – Industries Business Environment and Private Sector Development Directorate Ministry of Industrialization Trade and Enterprise Development, Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman, India ITME Society, Mr. Ben Oluoch Olunya, Board Chairman, Export Promotion Zone Authority, (EPZA), Mr. Richard Ngatia, President, The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Ms. Ann Wamae, Technical-Consultant, Textile and Apparel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Enterprise Development, H. E. Amb. Mr. Isaiya Kabira , Director General International conferences, Media Events and Public Communications – Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kenya, Mr. Omarsadik Mohamed Dahiye – National Director, Economic Diplomacy, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry.& Mr. Ketan Sanghvi, Hon. Treasurer, India ITME Society.

2022-09-21_112952Ms. Patricia B. A. Aruwa, Deputy Director – Industries Business Environment and Private Sector Development Directorate Ministry of Industrialization Trade and Enterprise Development brought attention to need of the hour being self-reliance & self-dependency for Kenya & that Textiles can be an Industry which can help the nation to achieve these goals provided sufficient ground activities are activated in time.

Mr. Richard Ngatia, Chamber President, The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry signed an MOU to establish foundation to support & promote increased bilateral trade & investment in Textile & Textile Engineering Industry from India. He said that it is an opportunity which needs to be taken seriously & tapped for mutual benefit of both nations

2022-09-21_113036Signing of Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) with Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry & India ITME Society

ITME 2022 hosted in India brings maximum market opportunities to interact with the biggest & the best of the machinery manufacturers in the industry.

Visiting & participating at India ITME 2022 is perfect opportunity to connect with worldwide customers & new opportunity post pandemic.

India ITME 2022 is expected to host more than 1500 exhibitors from Austria, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America in 22 Chapters with over 1,50,000 visitors over the 6 days period. This is a once in 4-year opportunity to view live machineries from across the world on display from 22 chapters & meet Agents, Dealers, Government Officials on one platform years making India ITME 2022 the apex B2B event in the textile & textile Engineering Industry in the whole of South East Asian region.

Mr. S. Hari Shankar, Chairman, India ITME Society, formally extended an invitation to India ITME 2022 in December to “Explore the Soul of Textiles”. He also encouraged an official delegation from Kenya, that could mark a beginning of a stronger Bilateral trade & Investment activities in Textile Sector between India & Kenya.

Website: https://itme2022.india-itme.com/

List of Companies having Garments and Garment Related Activities in Kenya

wdt_ID Company Product/Service Location
1 Africa Apparel EPZ Ltd. Denim & Woven Garments Nairobi
2 Al Borj East Africa (EPZ) Ltd Sale & servicing of garment making machinery Machakos
3 Alltex EPZ Ltd Woven & Knit Garments Machakos
4 Ashton Apparel EPZ Ltd Woven & Knit Garments Machakos
5 Bedi Investments EPZ Ltd Woven Garments Nakuru
6 Brilliant Garments EPZ Ltd Knit Garments Kilifi
7 Celebrity Fashions K. EPZ Ltd. Plastic hangers Machakos
8 Dala Textiles (K) EPZ Ltd Knit Garments Machakos
9 Global Apparels (K) EPZ Ltd Woven & Knit Garments Machakos
10 Hantex Garments EPZ Ltd Knit Garments Mombasa
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