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Menswear label impresses with digital fashion show for autumn 2021: With CG


CG - Club of Gents kommuniziert die neue Kollektion zum Herbst auch via Catwalk

CG – Club of Gents will also be communicating the new autumn collection via the catwalk

CG – Club of Gents presented its collection for autumn 2021 via a digital fashion show. The around 20-minute show provided a first glimpse into the new key looks of the label belonging to Création Gross.

BEYOND THE STARS | CG – CLUB of GENTS | Autumn/Winter 2021

In the first digital fashion show, CG – CLUB of GENTS presents the autumn/winter 2021 collection.

The background music for the show was provided by the song “City of Stars” from the film La La Land. 


On December 15, 2020, CG – CLUB of GENTS presented the new collection for autumn / winter 2021 in a digital fashion show. The 20-minute show “BEYOND THE STARS” gave a first, exclusive insight into the new styles from CG – CLUB of GENTS, Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS and Your Own Party CG – CLUB of GENTS. 

The pianist opens the fashion show with the song “City of Stars” from the musical LaLaLand. The models present the new CG – CLUB of GENTS collection under a starry sky in a haze of fog. The focus here is on “casualization”. The collection moves away from the pure split suit, everything can be combined with each other – everything is fluid. Be it the jacket from the clothing line for casual denim or the suit trousers in combination with a print shirt. Formal wear is being reinterpreted this season. The models are accompanied by an orchestra ensemble. Together with a melancholy emotional medley, the collection hits the pulse of time. Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS is about moving structures, about depth and richness in fabrics. The patterns become more minimalist, the checks more tonal and the overall picture more homogeneous. The color range is based entirely on the style of the sixties and so brown is the dominant color – sometimes in combination with beige, dark red or old rose and sometimes with beige, a radiant or saturated petrol. 

After the solo piece by the violinist, the styles of Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS follow. The suit fabrics in a deep midnight blue and a small pattern design promise Italian elegance. If you like it a little more pompous, choose the velvet version in the colors petrol, off-brown and dusty gray. The matching ruffled shirt comes into its own with the low-cut shawl collar vest. But the smoking jacket in a pressed, ornamental-floral velvet fabric should not be missing this season. 

At the end of the show, the stars shine over the models while the ensemble “City of Stars” interprets. For Division Head Florian Wortmann, this is the farewell show for CG – CLUB of GENTS. 


Its line SAVILE ROW by CG – CLUB of GENTS, the brand gives the unconventional to life of Brit-Pop and mods essential ingredients that clearly distinguish the subline from the mainline and The icing on the cake in all matters from a product and brand perspective. With high-quality fabrics from Italy, an almost sartorial finish, fashionably reinterpreted,  

traditional silhouettes and designs, more concise designs, craftsmanship and elaborate details, Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS would like to make the product as such “lust” again. 


The lights of the city are reflected in the limousine – there is a hint of expectation in the air. It’s your own party and you celebrate it. For the occasion you wear the very special suit. The one in which every detail – from the pocket handkerchief to the suspenders to the matching vest – is right. YOUR OWN PARTY is its own subline in the NOS area of ​​CG – CLUB of GENTS. The classic wedding suit or the suit for a special occasion is interpreted in a new and young way.  


In the past, unusual models were in demand, especially for weddings, but today the suit should be worn for more than just one occasion. CG – CLUB of GENTS was able to impress with spectacular fashion shows on the racecourse or in the boxing ring around Fashion Week Berlin. Due to the current situation, the brand is now bringing the runway into the live stream in digital form. The models, accompanied by a ten-piece orchestra, present the new collection for the coming autumn and winter on YouTube and Instagram. Under the starry sky, the journey first goes to Hollywood in the 1960s. In focus: casualization. Formal wear is reinterpreted here with new combinations. The new collection from Savile Row by CG – CLUB of GENTS moves above the roofs of LA, in the Hollywood Hills, exactly where glamor is at home. The rich fabrics in the dominant color brown and the oversize looks really come into their own here. The suits from Your Own Party by CG – CLUB of GENTS come in deep midnight blue or velvet. With a shawl-collar vest and ruffled shirt, you’re perfectly dressed in Las Vegas between the casino, wedding chapel and diner.

The new collections will also be presented in detail at the Digital Fashion Week from January 26th, 2021 to January 28th, 2021: https://fashion.cloud/de/digital-fashion-week/


The brand CG – CLUB of GENTS moves in a lifestyle of freedom. The brand itself sets the rules and limits by which it operates. CG – CLUB of GENTS stands for a certain lifestyle, the Brit-Pop and Mods lifestyle. The brand gets impulses and inspiration from London City and the suburbs such as Shoreditch and Hoxton. CG – CLUB of GENTS offers its ageless and mentally independent customers a product with a high price-performance ratio. The brand is characterized by a love of detail in the workmanship and the high-quality fabrics combined with a type-appropriate, competent fit thanks to decades of experience. 

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