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Micrillon® the First Rechargeable Antimicrobial for Infection Prevention

Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, PerfectCLEAN (UMF Corporation) is engaged in the research and development of textiles for the commercial cleaning and infection prevention sectors.

UMF Corporation is the leader in the research and development of high performance textiles for the Commercial Cleaning and Infection Prevention markets. Through extensive testing, exhaustive analysis and the commitment of significant human and financial resources, new antimicrobial technologies have been merged with innovative product designs that are redefining the future of clean®. Innovators and specialists in environmental hygiene, UMF Corporation delivers advanced, patented antimicrobial technology with industry-leading PerfectCLEAN® products, education, training, motivation and support. The company, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Skokie, IL, is the only U.S. company that designs, engineers and manufactures high-performance fibers and accessories to help its customers meet tough new challenges in public health and safety.

UMF will provide its patented antimicrobial, rechargeable Micrillon® chemistry to Universal Fiber Systems℠, LLC which is headquartered in Bristol, Tennessee USA having two operating units: Universal Fibers®, Inc. and Premiere Fibers®, Inc. Universal Fiber Systems will use it for incorporation into two high performance fibers. The first, a super-fine sheath and core fiber, will be produced and utilized in a new, unique product requested by leading companies in the hotel industry. The second, a splittable, bicomponent filament, commonly referred to as microfiber or segmented pie filaments is also in production. These two Micrillon fibers will be converted to various yarn types for woven and knitted textiles such as gloves, gowns, towels, curtains, wipers and other products.

George Clarke, CEO of UMF Corporation

“UMF’s focus for over a decade has been infection prevention via high performance products, training and programs,” said UMF Corporation Founder and CEO George Clarke. “The COVID-19 pandemic has sharpened the entire world’s focus on infection prevention. Organizations have woken up to a new normal in which stopping the spread of infection is the top priority across all industries. The innovative products, all made in the USA, that we’ll create in partnership with Universal Fiber Systems are more important than ever as the world struggles to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.”

George Clarke holds more than 30 patents both issued and pending, including those for his line of high performance micro-denier textiles under the brand names PerfectCLEAN and Micrillon®. For clients, his PerfectCLEAN Environmental Hygiene System, which comprises high-performance products and environmental process specialty training, has been simultaneously instrumental in reducing rates of infection while raising patient HCAHPS scores. “Infection prevention has become a priority for industries across the board,” says UMF Corporation CEO George Clarke. “From hospitals and hotels to cruise lines, schools and food service, the struggle to prevent infections is ubiquitous. The societal cost of HAIs in acute care hospitals in the U.S. has been estimated to be $147 billion annually. We developed Micrillon to help address this challenge, employing rigorous laboratory testing to confirm product efficacy. Our primary goal is to reduce the risk of pHAIs by making it possible, for example in a patient room, for all frequently touched (environmental) surfaces to include Micrillon.”

Micrillon’s unique properties include antiviral efficacy, the ability to recharge for the life of the product, and no leeching into the environment. When incorporated into a product made from plastic, the entire surface, whether a fiber or solid part, can be charged with chlorine molecules. When bacteria, mold and viruses come into contact with the Micrillon surface, they are eliminated. A Micrillon fiber wiper then can be used with a disinfectant or chlorine-containing sanitizer to remove soil and organic matter while simultaneously recharging the surface.

The first product in the Micrillon line is a hospital privacy curtain-pull, ideal for use in hospital, long term care and nursing homes.

The Micrillon cycle concept is simple, and the chemistry can be incorporated into all people touch points in hospital rooms, intensive care, the OR and ER. So, everything that people touch – such as light switches, bed rails, door handles, curtain pulls, walls and grout – would be a rechargeable Micrillon antibacterial/antiviral surface. When cleaned, all these touch points would be recharged.

Premiere Fibers® Inc. produces highly customized performance POY, FDY and High Tenacity fibers for applications in industrial, military and apparel markets. Premiere Fibers Inc. is based in Ansonville, North Carolina USA with additional manufacturing in China, and distribution in Europe and Asia.

Universal Fibers®, Inc. is based in Bristol, Virginia USA with additional manufacturing facilities in Tennessee, Europe, Thailand and China. Universal Fibers, Inc. is a global leader in the production of high quality, solution-dyed synthetic filament-based fibers for the flooring, transportation, medical and industrial fibers industries.

Universal Fiber Systems℠, LLC. is an innovation-driven global leader in the production of high quality synthetic fibers for a broad array of applications and industries.  Serving customers in the production of the flooring, industrial, military, medical and apparel industries, you will find the fiber products manufactured by our companies in most major brands and prominent projects around the world.

Universal Fiber Systems℠, LLC.
640 State Street
Bristol, Tennessee, USA 37620
Phone: (276) 669-1161
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