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Textile and Apparel Technology Innovation: China’s Top 10 technology-driven role models

From “small and many” to “refined and strong”, in Keqiao, the land of traditional textile industry, in recent years, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialty, specialty and innovation” are rapidly growing into “small giants” with high-quality development in the industry.

Recently China Textile Industry Federation released the list of small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialty and special innovation” in textile industry (the first ccbatch).

In the first batch of “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises, a total of 104 enterprises submitted their application materials. After the procedures of enterprise declaration, association recommendation, field investigation and audit, 95 enterprises were finally approved, covering 11 sub industries such as industrial textiles, textile machinery and home textile, as well as industry digital services. In terms of geographical distribution, it covers 19 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) In the industry and the region has a certain representation. A total of 7 small and medium-sized textile enterprises, such as “high-quality textile enterprises” and “high-quality textile enterprises” have been selected in the national textile industry.

Specialization and innovation, as the name implies, is to take root in a certain industry, and have strong innovation ability and creative vitality. This is also a highlight of Keqiao Textile advantages. Nowadays, in the changeable market tide, enterprises are facing many “temptations”. How to choose is an important issue for many Keqiao small and medium-sized enterprises. As far as they are concerned, they should focus on the new industry. What are the characteristics of such enterprises and what kind of vitality will be injected into Keqiao Textile Industry?

specialty and special innovation companiesDeep plough Market segmentation, small industry make big article

Listen to thunder in silence, and make great achievements in small industries. Although they are not familiar “elephants” of enterprises, these “invisible champions” dare to invest in R & D and technological transformation in their respective market segments, and precisely locate their core businesses. As a result, they even have more discourse power than many industry giants. This is also the “core secret” of Keqiao’s “specialized and innovative” small and medium-sized enterprises.

Zhongduo Holdings Limited

It is a textile enterprise specializing in the production of suede fabrics Chairman Wu Rongguo Said that since its establishment in 2004, the company has focused on the development of suede products. “We want to make our products look like suede.” Therefore, the company attaches great importance to the technology research and development and innovation investment of new products. It invests millions of yuan in innovation every year, and cooperates with excellent fabric and clothing designers such as Italy, France and Japan to catch the international fashion trend in time. At present, Zhongduo holdings, a variety of suede products monthly production of nearly 3 million meters.

Zhongduo Holdings Limited specializes in the production of suede fabrics

Zhongduo Holdings Limited specializes in the production of suede fabrics2In the industry, Zhongduo holding has an unshakable position in the industry, which is worthy of the name of “invisible champion”. As the only textile enterprise in China that has won the title of “national suede textile product development base”, Zhongduo Holdings has created a distinctive style of products in order to continuously strengthen the innovation and development in the aspects of fabric weaving, dyeing process and finishing process Features, the company also imported complete sets of automatic production lines and equipment from abroad, effectively ensuring the high-efficiency production and processing capacity and product quality in line with international standards.

national suede textile product development base


national suede textile product development base2

Zhejiang SHANGZHENG Textile Technology Co., Ltd

As a new textile material, it can create high-quality products, focusing on the environment and future products.   General manager Shu Linglong He said that from the production of the first cool feeling fabric to now, the company has been able to independently research and develop yarn, from adding additives to truly reaching functional standards, so as to really deepen the subdivision of the field, starting from the sports users, and from the raw materials themselves to achieve comfort, ventilation, easy washing and quick drying, which also conforms to the positioning and trend of science and technology, fashion and green in the industry.

Zhejiang SHANGZHENG Textile Technology Co1

Zhejiang SHANGZHENG Textile Technology Co2

Zhongduo holding and SHANGZHENG textile’s focus and innovation in the field of digital printing is an epitome of Keqiao’s small and medium-sized enterprises practicing the development path of “specialization, innovation and innovation”. In fact, small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialty and special innovation” are playing an important role in opening up new territory.

Stick to the spirit of craftsman and let traditional crafts blossom

With characteristic products as the leader and specialized division of labor as the link, regardless of the size of the enterprise, they can still “lead the way” in their respective fields. Such a group of “invisible champions” in the subdivision industry, they use the extreme craftsmanship spirit, rely on “specialization and innovation” to quickly occupy the industry leader.

specialization and innovation1

specialization and innovation2

With the intensive development of textile industry, enterprises and consumers pay more and more attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. As a natural fiber with Chinese characteristics, bamboo fiber has independent development property rights and serves the industry together with natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, silk and wool.   Jin Yanqi, general manager of Shaoxing Qinye Knitting Industrial Park Co., Ltd He said that in recent years, bamboo fiber has been widely used in underwear, towels and other products, and the company is committed to filling the gap in the use of bamboo fiber by developing and innovating bamboo fiber suit fabrics. It not only realizes the application of suit fabric, solves the blank in the field of suit application, but also gives full play to the function and superiority of bamboo fiber as suit fabric, which has strong antibacterial and anti ultraviolet effects, and ensures the superior draping and anti wrinkle characteristics of suit fabric to the greatest extent.

bamboo fiber suit fabrics

gives full play to the function and superiority of bamboo fiber as suit fabric

Jack wolfskin、patagonia、lafuma…… In the coastal industrial area Zhejiang Dongjin Materials Co., Ltd In the archives, there are many international first-line sports brands on display. Dongjin new materials provides fabrics for these international brands all year round, mainly sports functional fabrics. To be able to cooperate with international first-line sports brands, Dongjin new materials has its own magic weapon, which is to continuously develop advanced fabrics and build a professional R & D team. In recent years, the company has also obtained the technology of NASA to make functional fabrics with thermal insulation, antibacterial and moisture absorption.

According to Chen Mingxian, chairman of the company It is introduced that the selected waterproof and moisture permeable functional fabric has the functions of water splashing, hydrostatic pressure resistance, wind resistance and moisture permeability. Since the establishment of the company, Chen Mingxian has been adhering to the original intention of strictly controlling the fabric quality. In order to “get married” with famous sports brands at home and abroad, “Dongjin new materials” has invested more than 5 million yuan to build a laboratory, which can be comparable to the international third-party testing institutions. Many indicators of the company’s internal standards are much higher than the requirements of customers. In 2016, Dongjin new materials passed the Swiss “blue standard” certification. At present, Dongjin new materials aims at the international well-known outdoor and sports brands such as the north face, lululemon, Canada Google, and hopes to make greater breakthroughs in the future.

In Keqiao, small and medium-sized enterprises are no longer synonymous with backward and small-scale industries. High value-added and high-tech “invisible champions” enterprises are penetrating into the local capillary vessels of their respective subdivisions with the spirit of meticulous concentration, and are going deeper with the power of science and technology, becoming the endless force for the transformation of local economy and the transformation of new and old kinetic energy.

waterproof and moisture permeable functional fabricPlanting rich soil of “invisible champion” and cultivating more “small giant” enterprises

The industry takes “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprises as a special category and gives priority to support, so as to promote new breakthroughs in quality and efficiency of small and medium-sized enterprises. Zhejiang Province has listed the cultivation of a number of small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialty, specialty and innovation” and “invisible champion” in the provincial government’s “made in China 2025 Zhejiang action plan”, and as one of the main goals of building a strong manufacturing province in 2020. For the small and medium-sized textile enterprises in Keqiao, from the “extensive development” blindly at the beginning to the “specialized and special new” road, the small and medium-sized enterprises competing for the “invisible champion” are the active “changes” in the face of the new situation, and also the exploration of their own development path.

Zhejiang primary color digital technology Co

Zhejiang primary color digital technology Co., Ltd

With the help of “tulaiwang” printing color separation and simulation fitting software independently developed by the company, the staff can realize color separation, color matching, dimensioning, typesetting, format conversion, virtual fitting and other functions with the click of the mouse. According to Zhang Weihai, the general manager, he entered the textile industry in 1993. In 2008, he began to focus on the field of digital printing, embarked on the road of “specialization and innovation”, and led the company’s team to build a digital printing ecological circle connecting the upstream and downstream industrial chain from design, color separation, proofing to fabric finished products. “For us, to achieve specialization and innovation, we should try our best to make our products professional and perfect in the field of market segmentation.”

from design, color separation, proofing to fabric finished products

Although the “specialized and special new” SMEs have broad market prospects, they also face many common problems, such as the rapid rise of production factor costs, financing difficulties and high financing costs, heavy tax burden, high institutional transaction costs and so on. Keqiao district also launched a series of measures to give all-round support to small and medium-sized enterprises from the aspects of tax preference, fund reward and subsidy, financing support, market development and cost reduction. The purpose of these measures is to establish policy guidance, guide SMEs to continue to focus on their main business, and then move forward to high value-added areas.

high quality development of manufacturing industry

This year, Keqiao District proposed high quality development of manufacturing industry “Walking fish project” Enterprises are encouraged to go deep into industry segments and make specialized products with the “specialty” of stepping fish. We will thoroughly implement Zhejiang Province’s “young eagle action”, promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises “upgrading to the scale” and “specialization and innovation”, promote the core links of key industrial chains in each industrial cluster, realize the full coverage of “invisible champions” enterprises, cultivate a number of national “single champion” enterprises (products) and “small giant” enterprises, strive to add more than 120 enterprises above the designated size every year, and by 2022, new training will be carried out We will cultivate 20 “invisible champions” enterprises and increase 1200 “specialized and special new” enterprises, and strive to form a good pattern for the integration and development of large and medium-sized enterprises. At present, more than 900 enterprises in the whole region have entered the provincial “specialized and special new” enterprise cultivation library. We have reason to believe that with the continuous expansion of the team of small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialty and special innovation”, more individual champions will emerge in the future and become the new backbone of Keqiao Textile.

Small and medium-sized enterprises with “specialty and special innovation” also have great achievements

It is an important magic weapon for small and medium-sized enterprises to get out of difficulties and win by surprise. In particular, this year, the sudden impact of the epidemic, the production and operation of small and medium-sized enterprises are further under pressure, and their survival is becoming more and more difficult. They should adhere to the development path of “specialization, specialty and innovation” in order to occupy a place in the fierce market competition.

In Keqiao, small and medium-sized textile enterprises play an extremely important role in the supply chain, but they are often difficult to establish a good cooperative relationship with large-scale enterprises because of poor technology and quality, which is commonly referred to as “volume”. And “specialization and innovation” is an important way to promote the inclusive development of large and medium-sized enterprises. Only by breaking through the long-term relationship between large and medium-sized enterprises in terms of quality and fine supply chain, can small and medium-sized enterprises establish a long-term relationship with qualified suppliers and establish a stable supply chain.

Speeding up the digital and intelligent transformation is also an important starting point for Keqiao Textile Enterprises to realize the development of “specialty, specialty and innovation”. During this period, many textile enterprises actively participated in the innovation of the epidemic management mode.

Although small and medium-sized enterprises are small, they are the capillaries and nerve endings of Keqiao Economic Development. Keqiao “specialized and special new” textile enterprises do not need to blindly expand the scale in the process of development, but should continue to focus on doing deep, meticulous and specialized, and constantly master the core technology at the key nodes of industrial development, thus having a far-reaching influence on the development of the industry.

The first batch of textile industry

“New elite” list

(Keqiao enterprise)

Rank in no order

Shaoxing HaoChun Textile Technology Co., Ltd
Blu ray screen maker
Shaoxing Qinye Knitting Industrial Park Co., Ltd
Bamboo fiber suit fabrics
Zhejiang Dongjin New Material Co., Ltd
Waterproof and moisture permeable functional fabric
Zhejiang Jima Liangsi New Material Co., Ltd
Combed hemp cotton blended yarn
Zhejiang SHANGZHENG Textile Technology Co., Ltd
Functional sports fabric
Zhejiang primary color digital technology Co., Ltd
Printing pattern design and color separation
Zhongduo Holdings Limited

(Courtesy: Geng Weiguo)

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