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The Spanish Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AEQCT) advocates a recovery of production in Europe betting on sustainability

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
webinar on recovery of production in Europe betting on sustainabilityThe Spanish Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AEQCT) advocates a recovery of production in Europe betting on sustainability

This was revealed yesterday at the 45th AEQCT Symposium, during the first day of conferences, of the four that appear in the program of this Symposium, which this year and as a result of the Covid-19, is held via videoconference.

On this first day, the topic to be discussed was “Is it possible to recover production in Europe thanks to sustainability?” This conference was presented by Carlos Aguilar, President of the AEQCT, who after welcoming all the participants of the event (55 people registered), has proceeded to make a brief comment informing of the change in format of the 45th AEQCT Symposium to the “on-line” videoconferencing system, which can be a good form of complementary communication to face-to-face communication in the immediate future, and has highlighted the interest of all the conferences and debates presented at this 45th Symposium, in order to continue giving quality content, interest and news to all our associates.

logoThen, the moderator of the conference, Dr. Manuel Lis (Textile Engineer and member of the AEQCT), who continued with the presentation of the trajectory of the conference speaker, Miguel Sánchez (Chemical Technical Engineer and advisor textile technician specialized in Denim), who has made his presentation with a correlative and chronological series in time, of the different situations of textile worldwide and the repercussions generated on European textile production. His presentation has ended with a series of recommendations of strengths that, from Europe, can be explored to achieve a more competitive European textile sector adapted to the environmental demands of the immediate future.

After these interventions, we proceeded to question time, which was answered by Sánchez and then by Dr. Manuel Lis, who gave the entrance to the two defenders of the 2 posters of Research Projects, to make their presentation for 5 min.

The first poster “Study of the Application of fibers extracted from agricultural by-products in Agrotextiles”, has been presented by Carla González.

The second poster “Analysis of the impact of flame retardants on fabrics: LIFE-FLAREX”, has been presented by María Rosa Riera.

Finally, Dr. Manuel Lis, thanked all those registered for their participation and reported that the next session of the 45th AEQCT Symposium will be held this Thursday, May 28 at 10:00 am with the topic: “How to quantify sustainability ”, presented by Dr. Javier Sardina from the University of Santiago.

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