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The Verdi Union: Tariff Rebellion Continues in Germany!

The Verdi Union- Tariff Rebellion Continues in Germany!

clapping alone is not enough!

Together we look back on a challenging, but also rebellious and very successful year. In 2020, thousands of young colleagues from the public service, at the post office and in local public transport on the street, made the clear announcement to employers by far and confetti: clapping alone is not enough!

This year, too, there are major collective bargaining rounds that aim to provide good training and working conditions for hundreds of thousands of junior employees. The last year has shown, as if in a magnifying glass, in which areas there is a need to catch up in terms of good training and working conditions: Our colleagues in retail have ensured that people are supplied with food and medical products despite the high health risk. The colleagues in the university clinics gave everything, despite the increasing numbers of infections and intensive care, kept calm and exceeded personal limits in order to care for the patients.

On the other hand, there are employers who are now squeezing the tear glands and talking about empty coffers and difficult economic conditions. From her point of view, it has never been a good time for demands for decent working and training conditions!

In any case, the tariff rebels cannot be fobbed off with warm words, but are already in the starting blocks. Because it’s about our training conditions, our perspective and real recognition!

Tariff Rebellion In Retail In The Blossoming SpringTariff Rebellion In Retail In The Blossoming Spring

The trade has had a problem with young talent for many years. Vacant training positions and a high number of drop-outs clearly show that something must finally happen here. We trainees worked on the front line last year, training plans were not adhered to and homeschooling led to additional stress. If there is no investment in good training and work, the young people will stay away. It is also important to finally set good and uniform standards for everyone. The employers are therefore called upon to give up their refusal and to work with us to apply for the general binding effect of the collective bargaining agreements in trade so that all trainees in trade also receive collectively agreed remuneration.

In the upcoming collective bargaining rounds in wholesale and foreign trade and in retail and mail order we will take the collective bargaining rebellion onto the streets for our demand for higher training pay!

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