Eight promotions announced at Glen Raven

Glen Raven Inc., has announced the promotion of eight executives in its Technical Fabrics operating division. The moves will support the continued growth of its diverse business segments, particularly its GlenGuard brand of high-performance flame-resistant fabric.

Glen Raven Technical Fabrics creates technical solutions that help keep people safe from military and protective work wear to water filtration and automotive headliner fabric. In 2007, GRTF expanded to include Strata Systems Inc., a global leader in the soil reinforcement industry.

“These individuals and their colleagues are integral to the success of GRTF and its businesses,” said Harold Hill, president of Glen Raven Technical Fabrics. “Their advancement within our organization is a testament to the trust we have in them and the value we know they will continue to bring to our group as we accelerate the growth of our businesses.” The promoted individuals are:

  • Mia Alberto, vice president of new products and operations. She will be responsible for new product commercialization, new product development and management of the global supply chain for both GlenGuard and Strata, a leader in geotechnical product and engineering solutions.
  • Rich Lippert, vice president of technical sales. He will be oversee all technical and product specification-related aspects of the GlenGuard product line. As GlenGuard’s primary customer-facing technical liaison, he will represent GRTF on all technical and specification-related industry committees.
  • Cam Arnett, vice president of strategic development. Establishing the strategic direction of GRTF, responsibilities will include market research, business modeling, management of the business planning process, evaluation of possible acquisitions and divestitures, and the implementation of other strategic initiatives.
  • Halley Smith, director of operations. Responsibilities include customer service, planning and purchasing for both GlenGuard and Strata.
  • Robert Earhart, director of product development. He will lead all GlenGuard and Strata product development and will be responsible for technical support and oversight of supply chain partners.
  • Caroline Yates, director of marketing. Responsibilities include marketing of the GlenGuard, Strata and Glen Raven Logistics (GLR) brands. She will lead GRTF efforts to expand the GlenGuard and Strata brands globally while strengthening the GRL brand in North America.
  • Chris Martin, product development manager. Will oversee new product development for GlenGuard products including woven, knit and stretch wovens.
  • Morgan Miller, supply chain manager. Duties include planning and purchasing of fiber and greige fabrics for both GlenGuard and Strata.

Glen Raven is a family-owned company with product sales into more than 120 countries worldwide. Glen Raven is active in upholstery, marine, technical shading, automotive, military, water filtration and protective work wear markets and operates national distribution and logistics subsidiaries. Read More

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