Filitaly-Lab was established in 2008 based on over 30 years of experience in manufacturing yarn for industrial machine knitting, hand knitting and weaving.

Filitaly-Lab is an Italian spinning mill specialized in the production of classic and fancy yarn with a high content of the finest alpaca, blended with other natural or technological fibers, for the medium and high-end markets.

The company continues the legacy of the founder Franco Tuci, who – inspired by his passion for precious raw materials and his genius – always created innovative products.

Our philosophy remains to process this exceptional fiber, while making it more contemporary through researching original blends, creating innovative yarn structures and offering daring colors.

Our production plant, which is located in the Prato textile district, enables us to monitor the entire transformation process from fiber to yarn. We produce various types of yarn from the classic worsted and woolen spun yarn to the more elaborate boucle, brushed and blown yarn. We specialize in the production of blown yarn, with its extreme softness and lightness.

Customization, quality, and fast and flexible service are guaranteed by the expertise of our staff and our specialized know-how, which remains at the disposal of our customers in the pursuit of highly personalized solutions.


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