Marchi & Fildi Spa was born in 2007 from the union of the Spinning Companies Filatura Marchi and Fildi, owned by the Families Marchi and Dissegna. Filidea is the youngest Company if the Group, born in the year 2008. The offer of the Marchi & Fildi Group for the fashion Industry includes yarns for flat and circular knitting, weaving and hosiery. The distinctive element of the collections is represented by the central focus on sustainability: from the selection of raw materials to the brand Ecotec® owned by Marchi & FIldi. The brand Filidea presents a selection of natural, sustainable and certified yarns, destinated to a high market segment. Filidea is also specialized in the production and development of technical yarns, destinated to protective wear, automotive and industrials. A modern dyeing mill and the pilot plant of R&D allows the development of new yarns for the Group collections, the collaboration with universities, research centers and other partners for the development of special projects. Today, after the arrival in the Company of the third generation of entrepreneurs, Marchi & Fildi Group is an internationally known spinning company with a constant growth rate. Ecotec® is the exclusive production process developed by Marchi & Fildi Group that allows to create new yarns upcycling pre and post-consumer textile clippings. The Ecotec® range assures a reduced environmental impact: up to 46,9% economy on the energy use, up to 46,6% reduction of CO2 emissions and up to 61,6% reduction on the use of water along the whole supply chain.

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