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Becatron AG cares above all for quality and high-tech products for lab and production dyeing machines, online monitoring system for indigo coloration and automatic dosing systems for chemicals. Thanks to the big innovation, the continuous aspiration for a practice-oriented development of our products, the offer of a big product list and to guarantee to our customers a quick and non-complicated service, we could get world-wide a name in the textile industry.


• Controller for lab- and dyeing machines
• Automatic dosing system for chemicals
• Online monitoring system for indigo
• Level Sensors
• pH System
• Software for dye houses
• Automation and Engineering

Flagship product

IndiLine: Becatron Switzerland have jointly developed an online monitoring system for indigo coloration. The system, which is based on a new technology, detects, adjusts and documents data of critical process parameter online during indigo coloration, such as concentrations of dyestuff and reducing agents as well as pH values.

Becatron AG
Frauenfelderstrasse 35
CH-8555 Müllheim Dorf

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