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Tirupur Domestic Garments Manufactures Association Hikes Rates by 25%



The Tirupur Domestic Garments Manufactures Association (TIDGMA) has decided to increase the piece rate of garments produced by them by 25% effective from 05.11.2021. The Association has issued a letter to all the manufacturers and customers explaining the reasons for this price hike. The contents of the letter are reproduced below:

Respected manufacturer and customers,

We regret to inform that all kind of raw materials and all sources for manufacturing Garment materials are facing very scarcity and are very critical.

Day by day the increase in the price of yarn, knitting and dyeing cost. Enhancement of rates for compacting, embroidery, printing, poly pack, card (inner card), label, tag, lycra fabric rate and 50% hike in yarn price and also shortage of labours and increase in wages for labours makes it very difficult for us to manage garment industry.

These are all the facts that lead to an increase in all raw materials and production cost from 25% to 50% per piece.

So we the committee members of TIRUPUR DOMESTIC GARMENTS MANUFACTURES ASSOCIATION conducted a meeting and discussed in all views about the above facts and situations and as we face up to 50% increase rate of all raw materials and keeping our customers in mind, we unanimously decided

“To increase the rate by 25% per piece”

as we have no other option due to unavoidable circumstances.

Hence we request all the manufactures of our association and others in the field to increase the price by 25%, effective from 05.11.2021.

Also, we kindly request all the customers to realise the current situation and considering the facts and bear the price hike and support us as ever before.

Thanking you

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