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Cationic Dyed Yarns

Cationic-dyeable yarns have established themselves in the market
Cationic-dyeable products stand out with their extremely-shiny, lively colors 

Remscheid, August 13, 2020 – the to date largest system for cationic dyeable yarns has been manufacturing in China with great success for over a year now. The installation, with a capacity of 600 tons of POY filament yarn a day, instantly catapults the system operator into the vanguard of cutting-edge producers: with its high-quality products, the well-known Chinese yarn manufacturer has secured itself a 30-percent market share in China.

Energy-efficient yarn manufacture

An additive in the melt ensures easier and superior uptake of dye, meaning that this special type of yarn uses very little water during the dyeing process and hence generates less environmental pollution. As a result of (chemically-) modifying the polymer, the fibers or filaments score points due to the lower temperatures required within the dyeing process, while producing consistently-brilliant dyeing results. The product is visually striking with its extremely-shiny, lively colors. Excellent processing properties – with simultaneously extremely low energy consumption and considerably reduced CO2 emissions – ensure a high level of efficiency in the case of this sustainable product.

The high capacity and the favorable production costs associated with the direct spinning process make the yarn considerably more attractive for further processing compared to production methods available to date. This opens up a new, broader application window for cationic dyeable yarns.

International yarn manufacturers have been producing such yarns within the context of the POY and FDY process on machines and systems supplied by the Remscheid-based solutions provider for 30 years now.

Source: Oerlikon Barmag

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