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Fake branded T-shirts seized from a factory in Hai Duong, a highly industrialized province in the Hanoi Capital Region

Fake branded T-shirts seized from Hai Duong factoryT-shirts with the Nike logo illegally made by the Dang Linh HD Garment Co. Ltd. Photo by Quyen Luu (Courtesy: VN Express)

VN Express has reported that authorities have confiscated thousands of fake branded T-shirts carrying names like Nike, Gucci, Lacoste and Adidas from a garment maker in Hai Duong.

A Friday inspection by the provincial market surveillance department found that the factory, run by the Dang Linh HD Garment Co. Ltd, using four industrial sewing machines, was making fake branded T-shirts.

The department seized 6,446 finished T-shirts and 2,050 unfinished ones, apart from several kilograms of accessories like buttons, sewing thread and plastic covers, for further verification and investigation.

The Dang Linh HD Garment Co. Ltd., which has Nguyen Van Chinh as its director, is located in Thanh Mien District.

Fake branded products of all kinds are common in many countries including Vietnam. In June this year, Hanoi authorities had seized more than 5,000 fake Adidas and Nike products sold online.

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